Fred Jackson wants to play this season, at age 36


Fred Jackson was a rarity in 2015: A 34-year-old running back. But he didn’t play at all in 2016, which presumably means his days in the NFL are over.

But Jackson doesn’t think so. He’s hoping to play in 2017 and waiting for some team to give him a call.

I want to play, but it’s one of those things where we’ll see what happens,” Jackson told Sal Capaccio of WGR. “Training camps are around the corner. Some teams lose a back or two and maybe they give me a call. We’ll see what happens. I’m not ready to hang ‘em up yet, but I do know that I’m 36 and a lot of teams are scared of that.”

In 2015, Jackson played in all 16 games for the Seahawks, primarily as a third-down back and special teams player. Prior to that he spent nine seasons for the Bills and is third in franchise history in rushing yards, behind only Hall of Famers O.J. Simpson and Thurman Thomas. So he’s accomplished a lot in his NFL career, especially for a guy who went undrafted out of Coe College and had to play in the National Indoor Football League, United Indoor Football and NFL Europa before he ever got a shot at playing in the NFL.

Jackson still thinks he can accomplish a little more. That’s a long shot, but Jackson has proved plenty of people who doubted him wrong.

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  1. 3rd down only. Minimum Vet Salary. Maybe mid season for a team in the playoff hunt with hurt RBs.

  2. I wish that he’d come coach in Buffalo. Great locker room presence.
    Let’s Go Buffalo!

  3. Fred “Fred-Ex” Jackson he always delivered 24/7…

    Jackson could have accomplished much more than he did if Buffalo would have acknowledged his talents a bit earlier.

    Buffalo- In 106 games, starting 61 of them he amassed 1,279 carries for 5,646 yards on the ground, with 30 td’s… 322 receptions for 2,640 yards through the air, with 7 td’s.

    That’s not too shabby from an undrafted player out of Coe College.

    #BillsMafia #BuffaLove

  4. David Cone said, “I’m not self conscious of what anybody says, I want to play until I have NOTHING left in the tank”
    Signed up with the Red Sox, did far better than anyone expected. Threw that classic game vs Mike Mussina at like 38 yrs old or something. In sports, anything can happen. Now, with limited roster spots, salary cap, etc. it’d be tough to see Jackson making a roster, but hey

  5. @EJ:
    I appreciate that you are a die-hard Bills fan and your enthusiasm shows in your posts. However, this history of Fred Jackson is just that, right now. History. The things that he accomplished in the past have no bearing on the present or the future.

  6. Fred Jackson has won me many, many fantasy football games. I would never draft him, but by the second half of the season he would be racking up yards as well as anybody.

    Tons of respect for this man’s character and and hard working approach to the game. I hope he lands with a team, because he would be a great addition to any locker room and would give you everything he has on the field.

  7. Some players have a hard time moving on to the next stage of their life.
    You are done, Fred Jackson, with NFL football.
    Hope you have a satisfying post-football life.

    Signed; a fifty year Buffalo Bills fan.

  8. I can’t even run to my mail box without my knees smelling like they are on fire.
    More power to him! Hope he gets what he wants. Seems to be a classy dude, enjoy the ride sir, whenever it may end.

  9. I love Fred. To me, he is the epitome of a grinder player. But he was losing a step 2-3 years ago in a position where a lot of players have washed out at 25. He was one of the league’s oldest players a few years ago, and he clearly had lost a step in 2015.

    It’s time to step away Fred.

  10. Had he not broken his leg in 2013… seriously. He was on his way to record setting #’s and was carrying this team that actually played solid D. That could have been the year.

  11. Former Sioux City Bandits player in Arena Football, Fred Jackson as been an excellent player in Arena and the NFL

    Maybe he could be productive at age 36, but I doubt a team picks him up at this point …

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