Greg Manusky says Josh Norman will shadow No. 1 receivers

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Greg Manusky has been promoted from linebackers coach to defensive coordinator in Washington, and one of his first orders of business is getting the most out of the team’s highest-paid defensive player.

That means putting cornerback Josh Norman on No. 1 receivers and seeing if he can shut down the top threat on the opposing offense.

“It’s hard for them to travel at times, but will we do that? Yeah,” Manusky said of moving Norman all over the field, depending on where the opposing top receiver is.

Manusky acknowledged that’s not always easy, but he thinks Norman is up to the challenge.

“Some guys always play on the right side or on the left side,” Manusky said. “They feel comfortable, and then all of the sudden, if you take that guy — certain players — and move them to the other side, it’s kind of foreign for them. From my standpoint, even from a linebacker’s perspective, I’d rather have been on the right than on the left.”

But Norman thrives on the challenge of stopping the top receiver, and that’s what he’ll do.

10 responses to “Greg Manusky says Josh Norman will shadow No. 1 receivers

  1. The same Greg Manusky who “coordinated” Indy’s “defense” for the past four years? LOL! Good luck with that!

  2. arpy911 says:
    Jun 5, 2017 7:45 AM
    Will he be on the right or left side recliner when he’s watching the Super Bowl next February?
    Ow, Burn!!! Are you telling is the Redskins won’t play in the super bowl next year!!? I’m a die-hard skins fan, but the fact that they aren’t one of the two best teams in the league is really making me rethink my sports allegiances. Way to go arpy.

  3. Joe Barry saw how well Bashaud Breeland had shut down Dez in previous games, and that he was about to have a breakout year, so he left their scheme alone and trusted Bree could handle #1s on his side.

    Then Antonio Brown happened on Bree 1st game last season.

    I don’t blame Barry for believing in a player that already demonstrated his form- but I blame him for not adjusting sooner. It was out of hand.

    I’m still pissed that DeAngelo didn’t tackle Brown mid-thrusts on that celebration, it was heinous. It killed Bree’s confidence for the rest of the season.

  4. As far as Dez Bryant roasting Josh Norman,When is it going to happen? In the last meeting I think Dez had 5 rec. for 72 yds and no TDs.

    If Dez is so great why didnt he have over 1000 yds receiving????

    If Dez is so great how come he couldnt find the endzone against the Redskins in both meetings????

  5. heeeeelzfan says:
    Jun 5, 2017 7:28 AM
    The same Greg Manusky who “coordinated” Indy’s “defense” for the past four years? LOL! Good luck with that!


    A) He was the Redskins’ Linebacker coach last year.

    B) The years he was Indy’s DC (2012-2015), they finished with an 11-5 record 3 times, and 8-8 his last year. They made it to the conference championship game one year. That was with a front office that woefully ignored the defensive side of the ball and had maybe two Pro Bowl level talents in Robert Mathis and Vontae Davis.

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