Jason Derulo, Florida-Georgia Line will join Hank Williams for new MNF opening song

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The news that Hank Williams Jr. will return to ESPN’s Monday Night Football after a hiatus fueled by a Hitler comparison includes word that the revamped launch to the game will include “two additional contemporary music artists to freshen the song’s presentation.”

Per an industry source, the two contemporary artists are Jason Derulo and Florida-Georgia Line (pictured).

ESPN presumably will be announcing the addition of the two acts sooner than later. The opening was filmed Sunday in Nashville, which means that plenty of people already know that Derulo and Florida-Georgia Line were involved.

How important to a football broadcast is the opening? For ESPN, the Monday Night Football opening was regarded to be important enough to embrace someone they had shunned for making a foolish right-leaning political statement, at a time when some are blaming ESPN’s death spiral on a habit of having too many left-leaning views.

While it’s premature to suggest that ESPN is making decisions aimed at eliminating the impression that the network swings blue, it makes sense to wonder whether or not the next guy to make a comeback in Bristol will be Rush Limbaugh.

30 responses to “Jason Derulo, Florida-Georgia Line will join Hank Williams for new MNF opening song

  1. And this explains the fundamental difference between the new casual fans who may have lot’s of sheep skins but no knowledge or understanding of the game, and the fans who live and breathe for their teams. While you’re concerned with the political ramifications of who’s performing the intro, I’m in the kitchen loading up the nachos and getting the beers in the cooler.

  2. Fraudger – we never asked Adele, we only said her “IF we asked you, would you do it?” and when she said no, we said “ha, ha, psyche!, we only said IF – we totally fooled you!” Anyway, after that we then went with our real Plan A and found some diva/spendthift past-it hogs all still desperately sucking on limelight.

  3. Hank Williams Jr or Nothing,

    He is the best.

    But I am sure ESPN will find a way to put Justin Bieber in there.

    You remember Rod Stewart did it for one year. Pathetic. I never watch ESPN any more.

  4. If you’re gonna bring back a washed up artist who was fired for making outrageous and offensive statements, it’s a given you should pair him with an artist who makes music that sounds like a box full of kittens being thrown into a wood chipper.

  5. It will never be the same as the original ABC days. “We’ve got Frank and Al and Dan, we’re gonna get it kick-started.” Meanwhile, I love the game, screw politics. Politics destroys Church, it destroys Twitter, you name it.

  6. ESPN’s ratings, like everyone else’s, is dropping because of cord cutting. Also, MNF used to feature the best game of the week, but that’s now on Sunday night so you are left with the dregs that are only better than the God forsaken Thursday night games. Sorry, but a new/old theme song ain’t gonna fix that.

  7. Florida-Georgia Line is the worst! The fact that they keep churning out pop country hits is an indictment on how stupid the average american is.

  8. Mark it on your calendar boys: the most exciting event in tv sports history will occur on Mon night Sept 11th at 10:15 EST when the Chargers take on the Broncos and the introduction by Hank Williams, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Derulo gives way to the legendary broadcast duo of one Beth Mowin and Rex Ryan. I’m pretty stoked!

  9. hank williams jr and two cat wailers? ESPN is scouring the dregs of society. but then the right wing are the dregs of society! I quit watching ESPN\MNF over twenty years ago!

  10. Good! I’m loving more and more conservative appearances. Keep them coming!!! Those tears, liberals, they taste so good!
    It’s sad that there are so many people in this country whose only goal is to upset the snowflakes. A. Most democrats aren’t snowflake liberals and B. Why don’t you worry about the job your president is doing? Because right now it’s terrible. Or does the future of America take a backseat to sticking it to the opposition?

  11. I tune in to watch a football game, not to watch the Country Music or MTV Music Awards. Cut this crap out of the program, and show football. Am I ready for some football…….yes! Am I ready for pop musicians to show how cool they are……..no!

  12. The best opening theme song for a football broadcast I’ve ever heard is still “Friday Night’s A Great Night for Football” by Bill Medley. It played during the opening credit’s of The Last Boy Scout (which is also one of my favorite movies).

  13. Do people really go out of their way to see the same music video played each week before each game?
    Do people say “the Niners are playing the Browns, I’ve got to be sure to tune in to see/hear Carrie Underwood or Hank.”
    or better yet,
    “The Packers are playing the Patriots, it should be a great game, but the opening song sucks so I’ll watch Murder She Wrote instead.”

    This baffles me.

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