Report: Jaguars add Chris Snee as a scout

Getty Images

Tom Coughlin is going to make sure his grandkids stay fed.

According to Neil Stratton of Inside the League, the Jaguars have hired former Giants offensive lineman Chris Snee as an area scout.

Snee played 10 seasons for the Giants, most of them under coach Tom Coughlin, who is now the Jaguars executive vice president of football operations.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also Coughlin’s son-in-law, having married the former Kate Coughlin. They have four children.

There’s no reason to suggest that Snee’s not qualified to grade college prospects, after a decade in the trenches, the opposite could be true. He was planning on such a job previously, having written some scouting reports for the Giants. And considering that area scouts are pretty low on the totem pole, not every player who spent 10 years in the league wants to sign up for more grunt work.

But it’s also clear that he got a foot in the door with a new organization for one reason in particular, which is one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL. They may not be the league champions of nepotism, but they definitely don’t want to challenge the Ryan brothers to a bar fight.