Rex, Rob Ryan in a minor Nashville scuffle

Getty Images

Among the many Nashville Predators bandwagon fans are former NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan, who were smashing the Penguins car on Saturday night while wearing very large yellow hockey jerseys.

They also did a little smashing the next day.

A Twitter account in the name of Cooper Stefaniak posted a pair of videos that show the Ryan twins in a scuffle at a Nashville establishment, apparently on Sunday. The first begins with Rex engaged in some sort of physical altercation with another man (who seems to be roughly the size of Jesse Pinkman, which justifies the photo selection), and Rob intervenes with a left hand to the throat of the non-Ryan combatant. Rob’s hand is pushed away, and the guy returns to pester Rex.

The second video begins with Rex breaking away from the guy, who exits the scene, which appears to end the altercation.

Several websites have posted the videos by saying that it “appears” to be the Ryans. Appears? Surely there aren’t two of that duo.

Currently, Rex is employed by ESPN. The contents of the video don’t seem to be nearly enough to jeopardize that, especially since only Rob is shown laying hands on the unidentified man who may or may not have been the aggressor.