Seahawks, Kaepernick aren’t apart on money

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In the aftermath of the decision of the Seahawks to not sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick, some have suggested that the inability to get the two sides together results from the fact that the two sides are apart on money.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, that’s not the case.

And that makes sense, given the manner in which Seahawks coach Pete Carroll explained the situation on Friday. Carroll declared Kaepernick to be “a starter in this league”; it’s the kind of public assessment that would never break the financial logjam in the team’s favor.

Instead, the Seahawks have made the strategic decision not to add a player they regard as starting-caliber because they have a starter. While that could change if their starter suffers a serious injury, the reluctance of a team driven by competition to embrace a competitive option seems odd — unless the Seahawks don’t want to have an in-house option to which the Russell Wilson Resenters can point if/when he struggles during the regular season.

Currently, Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps are the only other candidates to play, and no one will be clamoring for either of them. If the Seth Wickersham article regarding the belief that the Seahawks don’t hold Wilson accountable is accurate, the Seahawks have every reason to resist adding a player behind whom certain players could rally.

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  1. We get it, you want to run a commercial everyday to get this bum hired.

    He would be hired if he did not suck.


  2. Give it a break PFT, Kaepernick is no longer good at playing football at a professional level. That is the reason nobody wants him. I’m sure his terrible choice to be vegan and political statements aren’t helping his case.

    But this is the NFL, most owner have little to no moral compass. If this guy was a top 5 QB in the NFL, 25+ teams would be lining up to sign him. At this point he’s a fringe starter/decent backup with baggage, there is no incentive to sign him.

  3. For those saying this kid cannot be a good QB ? I have to admit you are wrong. I told you the problem. Kid kissed off white America on purpose with full intentions to do so. That’s why he is not signed anywhere. Plain and simple

  4. They’re not apart on money, they’re apart on Kaepernick’s ability to play.

    Carroll’s declaration that Kaepernick is a “starter in this league” was token at best. Pete trying to come off as “a good guy.” If Wilson suffered a major injury tomorrow, my guess is Seattle would most likely flip a mid- to late-round pick to grab a backup off another roster instead of signing Kaepernick off the street.

  5. CK numbers were decent last year; he can run; he’s big; he can zone read along with RW; wildcat and trick pass plays in the mix; short yardage QB keeper; he’s got hell of an arm; and winning removes the political stigma.

    Price is important, but I think Hawks could work it out.

    Florio, for once I agree with you. CK might well polarize the Hawks locker room and that’s a threat.

  6. But I thought he would only play for $11M? I thought he would only sign if he could start? I thought he didn’t want to play anymore, just do “social” work?

    Any more #fakenews and #falsenarratives and #alternativefacts about Kapernick that we could debunk right now?

    Or do we like the #fakenews so we feel better about ourselves instead of conforonting the real reason the NFL is blackballing Colin?

  7. rob471773 says:
    Jun 5, 2017 10:04 AM

    But this is the NFL, most owner have little to no moral compass. If this guy was a top 5 QB in the NFL, 25+ teams would be lining up to sign him. At this point he’s a fringe starter/decent backup with baggage, there is no incentive to sign him.

    I think the exact same thing. This is the NFL and if you can play at a high level teams will line up to sign you not matter what baggage you have.

    Also, do we really know what is going on behind the scenes with him? do we know what kind of money does he want, is he demanding to be a starter, does he want starter money, and most of all the teams that do need QB’s does he fit their system? It is easy to beat this dead horse over and over but if we don’t know these answers why do you keep doing it?

  8. What’s RyanLeaf up to these Days? Quincy Carter? Andrew Walter? How about Todd Collins?

    I mean, this site seems to like running stories on irrelevant, out of the league, backup quality quarterbacks such as Kaepernick. What about the others who are as irrelevant as him?

  9. Maybe it’s his lack of dedication to playing QB. Maybe it’s because he is covered in bible verses, but abandoned is Christian beliefs. Maybe it’s because he knelt for social justice but then decided he would stand because of “positive changes” that he has seen. Maybe it’s because he used completely false info to idolize Castro. Maybe it’s because he wore Pig socks. Maybe it’s because he is as phony as anyone in Hollywood. Maybe it’s because his style of play isn’t conducive to long term success.

  10. A player is not signed by a team… and there’s an aftermath? I had to look up the word again to see if the meaning had changed.

    “the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event”

  11. Of course they’re not apart on money, that’s never been the issue with Kaepernick.

    If Kaepernick wants a spot on an NFL roster, he can start by publicly apologizing for his behavior last year, including disrespecting our nation’s law enforcement officers, American soldiers and the national anthem. If he had enough humility to admit that the way he expressed his concerns about societal injustices was misguided and non-productive (he didn’t even vote last year), then maybe some teams would be interested.

    He had every right to protest the way he did last year; if he had realized that his actions would have these consequences, perhaps he would have chosen a better way to get his concerns across.

  12. stinkymcmulligan says:
    Jun 5, 2017 9:46 AM
    Kaepernick = anti-American. End of story.

    In that case, EVERY Baltimore sports fan is anti-American. they’ve been disrespecting the National Anthem for many, many years.

  13. A Caviat if you will

    My father was transferred to the United States and he had no choice other then to abide by the transfer or lose his job.

  14. At some point Florio anf the rest of the media need to look in the mirror. YOU are why this guy is unemployed! You turned him into a circus for your own gain and now he’s toxic because no team will sign a fringe talent, that brings the 5 ring media circus with then, just to hold a clip board….. he just not worth the distraction

  15. How the heck is Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Derek Anderson good enough for the NFL but not Kaep. He didn’t disrespect the flag. He brought attention to a social issue people would rather have ignored. Kneeling is exactly what Tebow did to respect God and country and fans demanded Tebow play irregardless of skill and wanted his free speech be protected because they liked his positions.

  16. bkostela says:

    “Seahawks, Kaepernick aren’t apart on money”

    Says a single, unnamed source.
    I suspect Putin.

    Boykin is better than Kaepernick anyway, and a much better fit for the Seahawks offense. Kaepernick and Wilson’s running styles are not similar at all. That’s a false narrative. Maybe he can get a job at CNN.

  17. Colin Kaepernick has now passed the Oakland Raiders as the topic/Headline used to get the most hits on websites.

  18. This argument doesnt even begin to make sense. “No, its not the money you see, its because Kaepernick is a starter level QB and the Seahawks already have one of those.”

    WTH? Wouldn’t a team otherwise be delighted to have two starter level QBs if the first one gets hurt? This is sounding like when little kids lie and you quickly realize that the logic doesn’t add up.

  19. Kaepernick has even let down his leftist hero worshipers. He wore a Fidel Castro shirt in Miami before the Dolphins game. Leftists are even dumber than I thought. Just when I think they cannot get any dumber, they astound me. Such magicians. It’s disappointing that clueless millennial snowflake justice warriors are inundating our workforce and demanding participation trophies and the like.

  20. Since Pete’s comments last week I’ve seen more than a few “unnamed sources” claim they are apart on money (likely from he Seahawks org). I’m going to guess that this PFT “unnamed source” that says it isn’t about the money is coming from the Kaepernick camp which is where other PFT stories came from about whether Kaep would accept a backup role this year or not.

    You all can decide whether it is or isn’t about the money or the opportunity to start.

  21. stinkymcmulligan says:
    Jun 5, 2017 9:46 AM
    Kaepernick = anti-American. End of story.

    I am no Kaepernick fan. I have even been quoted in a SF paper about what I think about his PLAY. But people on this site need to get off the idea that standing for the national anthem makes you an American. What makes you an American is understanding that the Constitution gives you the right to disagree and speak out instead of falling in line like someone from Pink Floyd’s The Wall and marching in step. People have fought and died for that right. You respect them by exercising it. Not by being a robotic moron.

    Flying a flag and reciting some pledge doesn’t make you a great American. Reading the Constitution and not being selective about its use to serve your own purposes does. Google it, it’s readily available.

  22. Reddzen, you a make a few good and fair points.
    However, since you have no problem calling those who disagree with you “morons,” or recommend they “read the Constitution,” it’s fair for me to wonder if you have the reading comprehension skills to understand it, even if you did “Google it.”
    The 1st Amendment protects one from government sanctions as a result of their free speech. Period. It has nothing whatsoever to do with free speech in the public sector. You can still say or do whatever you like, but not without consequences. The Constitution will not and cannot protect you from any non-governmental sanctions.
    You see, others have rights too, including the right to be offended by Kaepernick’s actions, or to define what being a good American means to them. NFL owners have a right to not hire Colin Kaepernick if they choose.
    Mounting your high horse, spouting rhetoric and pretending the understand things you clearly do not — being “selective because it suits YOUR purposes — does not make a great American either.

  23. Im probably like a lot of you. I read my teams OTA/Training Camp reports from beat writers.

    As a Niner fan I Frickin hated this guy the day he showed up to practice with socks that depicted cops as pigs. I used to like him up to that point and just thought he was going through a slump.

    But after that incident and the one where he took a picture of the aftermath of a storm/hurricane/flood where a lot of people were devastated and hashtagged it as #s7omrscoming or something like that I realized he is an just an idiot.

    I hope he never gets another down in the NFL.

  24. I guess we can take Seattle off of the “blackball” list; and while we are at it we can take the Patriots off also because they have 3 QBs that are better players and fit their system much better

  25. OK, I can understand the “if” part of your snarky comment “the Seahawks don’t want to have an in-house option to which the Russell Wilson Resenters can point if/when he struggles during the regular season. But I certainly don’t understand the “when” part. You appear to be buying into the “Russell Wilson Resenters” club.

    You realize that Wilson has the second best career passer rating in the history of the NFL, don’t you? He is tied for 4th with 124 passing TDs through 5 years of play. Among the 23 QBs who have thrown at least 100 TD passes in their first 5 years of play, Wilson ranks 6th in TD%, with four of the five QBs ahead of him on the list being members of the HOF. Only Dan Marino had both more TD passes and a higher TD percentage. On that same list of QBs throwing at least 100 TD passes in their first 5 years, Wilson has the LOWEST interception total and percentage, the highest passer rating, ranks 2nd in completion percentage, and has the 3rd highest ANY/A (behind Marino and Warner). Continuing with this same list, Wilson ranks 2nd in total yards rushing and yards rushing/game and 1st in yards rushing/attempt.

    Wilson is the complete package at QB in that he can stress the defense in both the passing and running games. And his production has come behind what is one of the worst O-lines in the NFL for most of his career. For all the production the Seahawks have gotten from Wilson, Pro Football Reference assigns Wilson with the highest Approximate Value of any player at any position from 2012-2016. His AV of 84 beats runners up JJ Watt and Matt Ryan by 4, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers by 6, and Tom Terrific and Richard Sherman by 7. Through 5 years of play, only JJ Watt had a higher AV (88 for 2011-2015). Thurman Thomas (another member of the HOF) also put up AV=84 for his first 5 years in the NFL.

    Every team in the NFL would welcome the “struggles” that Wilson has had at QB. Some naysayers cite low passing volume (both attempts and yards) in an attempt to discredit Wilson. But as noted previously, Wilson ranks 4th in TD passes through 5 years of play. That is the ONE passing volume statistic which REALLY matters. Wilson is the reason that the Seahawks can overspend on defense and still rank as one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL year in and year out.

    Anyone on board the “Russell Wilson Resenters” club (including “journalists” who like to push dissension in order to produce tabloid content) should climb right down because Wilson has played QB at a level seldom seen in the NFL.

  26. Sweet Pete doesn’t want the team pet looking over his shoulder. Most coaches would be elated to have a starting caliber qb as a backup. Remember, Wilson has feelings too.

  27. He’s a vegan? Well, that explains it. Nobody wants to be around vegans, except other vegans

  28. Color ( no pun intended ) Amy way you want. He pissed off white America. All the Black NFL that protested against things that happened centuries ago have nooooo problem cashing their checks signed by a team owner who is white now do they. That’s about as hypocritical,bigotry, racists as it gets.

  29. If Kapnick gets a roster spot, will he stand, sit, squat, kneel for the National Anthem?
    If Kapnick gets a roster spot, will he stand, sit, squat, kneel for his paycheck?

  30. Geez, really can we stop with this? The Seahawks are just doing their due diligence in case Russell Wilson breaks his ankle running over Tyrann Matthieu’s face for a touchdown or some other freak accident. That’s all this ever was.

    “We’ll call you if something happens to Russ. Stay in shape.”

  31. I remember when Jeff George got blackballed. It happens.


    And in the latter years of George’s tenure the NFL, when he did sign, he didn’t get anywhere close to starter money either. One year removed from a great year in Oakland, he signed a league min deal to play for Minnesota. Then, after a great year in Minnesota, he settled for 2.5 million with Washington. Kaepernick hasn’t played well in quite some time, but I would be willing to bet he would turn his nose up at$5 million

  32. PLEASE let it go.
    Enough of Kapernick.

    you sure never pushed this hard to get Tebow a job…
    And he actually won stuff.

  33. In this case “he’s a starter in this league” may be a really nice way of saying he’s not backup for most teams because he can’t run their systems since that involves things like dropping back and reading defenses… but hey, for team that wants to run read-option as their primary offense, he’s your starter…

  34. PLEASE let it go.
    Enough of Kapernick.

    you sure never pushed this hard to get Tebow a job…
    And he actually won stuff.
    – – –

    Yeah, like the time Tebow QB’d his teamy to the Superbowl against the Ravens. Oh wait, that was Colin.

    Yeah, like the season Tebow completed over 50% of his passes. Oh yeah, that was Colin (and pretty much every QB)

    Yeah, like the time last year Tebow took the second worst team in the league and still somehow had a 90+ rating. Oh yeah, that was Colin.

    But Tebow’s a nice guy!

  35. Instead, the Seahawks have made the strategic decision not to add a player they regard as starting-caliber because they have a starter.


    Seattle dodged a bullet there. Luckily someone had the foresight not to sign Kap because it would have created a huge QB controversy…um yea.

  36. stinkymcmulligan says:
    Jun 5, 2017 9:46 AM
    Kaepernick = anti-American. End of story.


    This thinking just blows my mind dude he is standing up for people who have no voice its VERY AMERICAN. You and others take offense the his tactic, but that doesn’t change the message…..I am very confident history will show he is on the right side of this, and the NFL executive, and countless fans are not.

  37. Ponder this.
    You sign Kap and Wilson struggles out of the gate. Do you think the media isn’t going to call for Kap to play? It’s like an open invitation for every social justice warrior to play general manager/head coach.
    If he could go to a team and just play football he’d be on a squad. But the media goes where Kap goes and have to be considered part of the deal if you sign him.
    What team wants that?

  38. Kaepernick averages 200 yards per game and around 1.3 TDs. How are those numbers considered good especially in today’s pass happy game?

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