Cowboys sport new T-shirt vowing to “re-commit”

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Jason Garrett loves his slogans, stamping his mantras on T-shirts for all to wear. The catchphrases – Hah!, We do, Attack, Fight, Finish the Fight and 17”, among others – are well worn by players at The Star.

Every slogan contains a story that Garrett tells before issuing a new shirt.

This year, players have a T-shirt bearing the words: Re-commit.

“I think you have to have that approach,” tight end Jason Witten said via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “You just can’t allow yourself to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to pick up where we left off.’ That just doesn’t work in this game. You’ll get exposed individually and collectively as a team if you take that approach. I think it’s a good mantra to have, to re-commit.

“I think it’s good for guys to understand it. But really it’s we got to go do it. I think we have that understanding that this is what we have to do. I think it gives you a lot of confidence to see young players to have the success that they did go back and re-commit and find things they can do better as we all can. So that’s a good start. We got a long way to go.”

The Cowboys are trying to do something they haven’t done since 2008-09 when they last posted back-to-back winning seasons. They were 13-3 last season, but lost 11 players in free agency and two to retirement.

10 responses to “Cowboys sport new T-shirt vowing to “re-commit”

  1. If their paychecks don’t make them stay committed, t-shirts won’t make them re-commit.

  2. The “don’t choke” shirts are on backorder. It seems the chiefs use the same provider, and bogged them down with “I wish it were 1969 again” shirts and “The most popular team in missouri…by default” hoodies. So thanks for that.

  3. im excited for the season to start…hoping we stay healthy and don’t take a step back this year

  4. Yeah.. low-rent motivational-speak will help. No wonder this team can’t win. *face palm*

  5. I much prefer, “Last Team Standing”
    At least that would signify they would win this year’s super bowl.
    Re-commit? Re-commit to what? Blowing the next playoff opp?
    Garrett is the reason they can’t advance.
    He’s the reason I know that regardless of regular season success, garrett isn’t capable of helping the team win in the playoffs.
    He doesn’t have the “it factor” that great coaches possess.
    It’s too bad because the team is pretty good.

  6. From the list of rejected mottos:

    “Re-commit that we aren’t snakebit”
    “Re-commit that Jerry’s not a twit”
    “Re-commit not to be a post-season zit”
    “Re-commit even if Goodell’s unfit”
    “Re-commit not to act like a halfwit”
    “Re-commit cause we’re too dumb to quit”
    “Re-commit to climb out of our post-season pit”
    “Re-commit not to act like a git”
    “Re-commit to know how to hit”
    “Re-commit not to play like we’re lit”
    “Re-commit to not be served with a writ”
    “Re-commit not to cop a feel on a tit”
    “Re-commit to play with wit”
    “Re-commit to know when to be calm and sit”
    “Re-commit not to indulge in a bong hit”
    “Re-commit not to act like a nit”
    “Re-commit to travel with a full kit”

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