Jets won’t punish Darron Lee for incident involving girlfriend

Getty Images

As if Todd Bowles didn’t have enough to worry about today, he had to try to explain himself out of another awkward situation.

Via Darryl Slater of, the Jets coach said he was not going to punish linebacker Darron Lee for an incident that happened at a music festival. Teammate Leonard Williams reportedly pulled Lee out of some degree of altercation.

He had an argument with his girlfriend,” Bowles said. “What do you want me to discipline him [for]? He had an argument with his girlfriend, and somebody took a photo.”

Of course, others might take a different view of the incident, considering an eyewitness account that Lee was physical with the woman. But Bowles said after talking to Lee and others, he was confident of his decision.

“I got everything from about 10 people, so I’m pretty comfortable with my decision” Bowles said, suggesting the eyewitness account might not be fully accurate.

While the Jets may be washing their hands of it, the league will almost certainly do an investigation of its own, considering the league’s personal conduct policy isn’t bound by the legal process.