Muhammad Wilkerson healthy, expecting a rebound season

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Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson signed a long-term deal with the Jets just before last summer’s deadline for players with franchise tags to do so, but that turned out to be the highlight of his season.

Wilkerson broke his leg in the final game of the 2015 season, got benched for part of a game after missing team meetings and struggled to find his form all year. Wilkerson downplayed the impact of the injury at points last season, but ultimately missed time with an ankle problem related to the break and limped to the finish along with the rest of the Jets.

Wilkerson has been a full participant in OTAs after feeling he “didn’t have the get-off and change of direction” last season and says he’s feeling much healthier than he was at this point last year.

“My leg is definitely feeling way better now than it did last year at this point,” Wilkerson said, via the Jets website. “It feels great, so I’m definitely looking forward to being who I was before the injury.”

The Jets had high hopes for their defensive line last season, but Sheldon Richardson joined Wilkerson in having a disappointing year. While getting them back on track might not be enough to lead to a winning season, it would make for a more competitive team than they fielded for much of last season.

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  1. intrafinesse says:
    Jun 6, 2017 10:27 AM
    If he plays the way he did in 2016 he’ll be cut.

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    No, he won’t. Shelly Richardson and his big yap needs to be dealt away to get something in return, because he’s going to be selfish and also try to cash in, raiding the team’s cap position with Leonard Wiliams in the bullpen next offseason looking for his overrated money.

    Your team made their bed, so now it’s time to lay in it.

    When you have immature players who you promote and overrate, they get leverage and then raid your team’s cap position, sending you spiraling into a cap hell. It’s been going on since Woody Johnson bought that team, because he thinks he’s a great owner, and likes to stroke his ego, pretending everything in green and white is somehow just fantastic.

    So, no, Wilkerson is untradeable and overrated, so deal with it.

  2. Ummm. Okay. Thanks, TyLawpick6.

    We’ll be sure to let the Jets FO know your thoughts…

  3. The Jets won’t keep Sheldon Richardson, so he’s not selfish or raiding their money, he’s gone.

    Wilkerson can be cut after the season if he underperforms. It will accelerate some signing bonus money, but thats money thats going to be paid regardless. If he doesn’t perform, don’t keep him around in 2018 at $16,750,000.

  4. The Jets signed Muhammad Wilkerson to a 5 year $86 million contact ($17 mil per year ave and more than many starting QBs). He had a disappointing 2016. Sheldon Richardson also had a lackluster year and is the last year of his 4 year rookie deal. The Jets may be stuck with Wilkerson but they have options with Richardson. One thing is for sure, you can’t sign too many players to $17 mil per year deals. What may save the Jets this year is that even if McCown earns all his bonus $, the total spend for all 3 Jets QBs will be less than $15 mil. The rubber will meet the road big time next year if the Jets have a very low draft pick. If they sign Richardson to Wilkerson type $ and have a low pick they could easily have 25% of their cap taken up on three guys. I don’t see that happening. Richardson will be traded for draft picks.

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