Nick Hardwick changes his mind about the Chargers

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After the Chargers left San Diego for Los Angeles, former Chargers center and apparently former Chargers color analyst Nick Hardwick decided he’d had enough.

I have no interest in the Los Angeles Chargers,” Hardwick said at the time, via the San Diego Union-Tribune, adding that the organization made him “feel like a used item” after he served as a mouthpiece for the effort to get public funding for a stadium that would have kept the Chargers in San Diego.

Now, Hardwick will join the Chargers in L.A., reprising the radio role he had previously abandoned.

“I’m just really thankful that my family accepted me back, as a former player, and one of the alumni, as a family member who lashed out,” Hardwick said, via the Union-Tribune. “I was emotional, I was upset, I was scared. I was confused by the whole situation.”

So what changed?

“I tried to give up the NFL, I tried to go agnostic,” Hardwick said. “I tried to not care about any NFL football team and then just cover it in a broad sense . . . . After I went to the Super Bowl, and after being around football people, I realized, ‘Nah, these are my people, these are my folks.'”

The draft further rekindled Hardwick’s feelings for the Chargers, and Hardwick later decided to approach the team about getting back the job he had quit, Costanza style. But he didn’t go full Costanza and show up, as if he’d never left.

“I literally broke my neck for that team, I just cared so much, and I wanted to be back involved,” Hardwick said. “I said, ‘I don’t know if this is off the table or not, based on what I said and how I reacted initially, but I want to be back involved.'”

And now he is, pairing with Matt “Money” Smith (who replaces Josh Lewin) to handle the radio calls of the games played by the L.A. Chargers.

10 responses to “Nick Hardwick changes his mind about the Chargers

  1. As a fan of the San Diego Chargers (who lives closer to LA than SD); I can very much empathize with one of my favorite linemen in team history. On the day that they announced the move and dropped that terrible Dodgers-esque logo I said to myself that I couldn’t go with them up to LA. I’d have to become a “football fan”; a generic fan of the NFL. But as the day went on, I realized that solution wasn’t very agreeable. Even if they moved, no matter what animus exists between the owner and fanbase; I still love that team. I love the players. I’ll always be a Chargers fan. The relationships that Nick built on the team pull him to them even harder than me.

  2. Nick is a great guy and a smart guy as well. Until you are going through this as a former player, employee, or fan it is just difficult to explain. You feel abandoned and you want to root for someone else, but you already hate every other team. Then you want to quit watching football all together, but we are all junkies to it at some level. I tried to act disinterested, but I still love my team and I followed the draft as well and read every damn article about this team and the NFL in general.

    I truly have a dislike for the Spanos family and for the greed of the NFL, but I am still a fan…true addiction.

  3. Feel bad for SD Chargers fans. You lost your team through no fault of your own. Sadly, I just don’t see the LA thing working out.

  4. Ex Charger fan here, and it’s not changing.

    Not to say I won’t follow the Chargers as I do every other team and root for individual players as I would for any team, I cannot in any good conscience root for a product owned by Dean Spanos.

    I can understand Stan Kroenke, he has all the money in the world to do what he wants. Dean Spanos is one of the poorest owners in the NFL who couldn’t afford his own stadium in San Diego let alone anywhere else in the world.

    San Diego got taken by a slum lord who will remain a slum lord. Thankfully it’s not a slum lord in my town anymore.

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