Todd Bowles late for press conference after news of David Harris release broke

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In the latest Jets-being-Jets move, word of the looming release of linebacker David Harris emerged during a Tuesday practice. After practice, coach Todd Bowles was late for his previously-scheduled press conference.

The event was due to begin at 2:05 p.m. ET. It began just before 2:50 p.m. ET.

Some have speculated that Bowles isn’t happy about the decision to release a reliable team leader, who has been with the franchise for over a decade. With Bowles likely on the hot seat, dumping Harris at this stage of the offseason could make it even harder to win.

And as to the $6.5 million in cap space the Jets have gained, what value does it really have to Bowles in June? It’s not as if there’s a key free agent or two whom the Jets intend to pursue.

There’s another potentially intriguing angle at play here. From time to time, teams leak that they’ll be releasing a player, hopeful that a sudden trade market emerges. To let that process properly play out, it makes sense for the team to avoid saying anything to confirm that the move is coming.

5 responses to “Todd Bowles late for press conference after news of David Harris release broke

  1. Or maybe after the rumor came out he did the right thing by David and met with him to explain what was going on before he ran off to do a presser

  2. I agree that it doesn’t make sense t free the cap space at this point of the off-season. He’s a reliable locker room presence, but perhaps the team is truly unwilling to pay nearly seven million dollars for a player who seemingly lost a step last season. I would love to see him come back for a lower price, but given his tenure, reliability, and loyalty to the team during his last signing, at this point, it’s almost disrespectful to ask him to take a pay cut.

  3. The Jets GM has repeatedly made it hard for HC Todd Bowles to win, Mike Maccagnan draft choose of QB Hackenberg is the worst by any GM, but that’s the Jets always making bad mistakes when hiring high-level management. Mike Maccagnan has never been a GM in the NFL and served as a college scouting director for the Texans.

  4. he was busy practicing his scowl in the mirror.

    if i wait until 10 minutes of, to leave for work, and i hit a traffic jam, i can’t blame rush hour, if i’m late.

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