Browns could change QB rotation order at minicamp


The Browns came into offseason work with Cody Kessler getting the first crack at quarterbacking the first team with his competitors for the job working in behind him in the rotation.

That could change when the Browns close out their offseason program with a three-day minicamp next week. The team has Brock Osweiler, DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan on the roster as well and coach Hue Jackson left open the possibility that the order changes at next week’s practices.

“I could, I could not, too,” Jackson said, via “Guys are emerging. Guys are working hard. The whole group has improved, but again, I’m going to take a look at it after we get done with OTAs and see where we are. Guys are making strides. Cody has improved. Brock is doing well. We are going to take it all into account and see where we are.”

Osweiler’s play has gotten good reviews from both Jackson and media members who have attended the workouts, which would seem to make him a likelier choice to vault Kessler at this point in the proceedings than the rookie Kizer.

12 responses to “Browns could change QB rotation order at minicamp

  1. If Osweiler has success in Cleveland will Houston figure out their “quarterback problem” has been a coaching problem all along?

  2. Texans said part of bringing O’Brien back will depend on if he’s happy… If Brock starts and plays well, should it matter to the Texans of O’Brien is happy?

  3. But, what if you have four quarterbacks?
    Then you’ve got twice as many as that guy with two quarterbacks.

  4. Reps are extremely limited under the CBA so I’m extremely confused as to why the Browns are wasting time and effort giving reps to Brock Osweiler as opposed to Kessler and Kizer and even Hogan. If Brock Osweiler is still on the roster come training camp that is a bad sign for Browns fans. Osweiler has played enough that he is a known quantity. He is known to be a bad quarterback.

    The good news for Cleveland is that if he’s starting week 1 you can rest assured you’re in contention for the #1 pick again (and this year there are some QBs that deserve it).

  5. although i doubt brock will play well, i agree that we have a problem with the offensive coaching in Houston. o’brien is truly one of the worst qb coaches (he’s had like 8 qbs in three years) and offensive player callers out there.

  6. If Hue Jackson can make Andy Dalton look like an NFL starting QB, then he can make any QB look good.

  7. If a quarterback with Favre’s arm, Elway’s legs and Brady’s ability to cheat and not get caught fell into the Browns lap they would STILL find a way to mess it up.

  8. I’m hoping that Osweiler solves our QB issue that has gone on way too long.

    And it would seem if that happens, it will be despite the Browns brass doing everything possible to not fix it. And that includes this regime and all the others since 1999.

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