Dak Prescott wants to get a doctorate in psychology

Getty Images

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott quickly developed an advanced education in football. He hopes to continue to obtain an advanced education away from the field.

“Getting my degrees has helped me immensely, just within the game of football and with people, just making me more educated in general,” Prescott recently told the Talk of Fame Network. “It’s something I continue to do. I’m actually continuing at some point either when I’m done [playing] or one offseason, I want to start working on my doctorate. So, I mean, it’s very important to me.”

Asked about the field in which he hopes to get a doctorate, Prescott said, “Psychology.”

“It’s just being able to understand people, kind of know what people take to be motivated and learning each and every personality that I can, so definitely can help me out just being a leader,” Prescott explained.

During a stellar rookie season, Prescott said that his diverse racial background allows him to establish meaningful connections with his teammates. A psychology degree would go even farther to allow him to properly motivate and lead.

With leadership being regarded as a key factor in the success of a quarterback, anything Prescott does to enhance his ability to lead the Cowboys will help. And if it works, quarterback getting psychology degrees could become a new trend for NFL quarterbacks.