Dwayne Allen frustrated by his practice performance


The Patriots had a strong No. 2 tight end in 2016 in Martellus Bennett, which came in handy when Rob Gronkowski was lost for the season and the team needed someone to step into the void.

Bennett left for Green Bay as a free agent and the leading candidate to step into the No. 2 role this year is Dwayne Allen, who was acquired in a trade with the Colts early in the offseason. Allen’s early work with the team hasn’t been all he hoped it would be, however.

Allen has dropped passes in both of the team’s minicamp practices this week, leaving him to express his frustration “because I know that I can play better.”

“There’s a standard of excellence here,” Allen said, via CSNNE.com. “So if you drop a pass, that’s not excellence … It’s always frustrating whenever you don’t do your best.”

There’s always an adjustment period for a player on a new team and for a pass catcher with his quarterbacks, so the fact that there’s three months to go before the Patriots play a game stands as good news for hopes that Allen can make positive contributions to the offense this year.

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  1. Frustration means you stay late for extra practice. Can anyone confirm that he put in some extra hands work on the jugs machine or something else?

  2. That’s all good. He realized that what would have been business as usual with the Colts is not acceptable in New England.
    Learning the Patriot Way.
    He will be fine.

  3. Remember when Reggie Wayne bailed out because it was “too hard”?

    No wonder the Colts are the softest team in the NFL

  4. Wish Coach had gouged the cap a little more for Bennett after revisiting some of his clutch catches on my Three Games to Glory V CD.

    But I quit second guessing Belichick when he traded Lawyer Milloy in 2003 and made a bigger fool out of Tom Jackson and all of ESPN.

  5. Watching Allen up close as a Colts fan – I can tell you this: His hands problem only shows up downfield. He is a reliable and instinctive pass catcher over the middle short.

    But he is clearly uncomfortable and displays alligator arms when catching passes downfield – especially if he does not have a good view of where the defenders are coming from for the hit.

  6. superpatriotsfan says:
    Jun 8, 2017 10:46 AM
    He’s having a hard time cheating.


    Wow it took eight posts to finally get a cheater comment.

  7. superpatriotsfan says:
    Jun 8, 2017 10:46 AM
    He’s having a hard time cheating.


    I think it’s more the fact that he knows there is much more on the line when you are competing for SBs vs. participation banners.

  8. Nobody gets cut in OTA’s, but there are a bunch of other TE’s on the depth chart and Barnridge is still out there, last I heard. Allen best realize he’s in the big league now.

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