Jeremy Maclin’s Buffalo visit extends to second day

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Receiver Jeremy Maclin may still travel to Baltimore on Wednesday, but he won’t be there on Wednesday morning.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Maclin’s visit with the Bills has extended to a second day.

The news first came from running back LeSean McCoy, who posted video of Maclin in the team’s weight room on Wednesday morning with the caption, “Signing players daily.” The video was later taken down, but it could just be a matter of time before we hear that Maclin is a Bill.

A team source separately told Carucci that Maclin has remained in Buffalo overnight.

Cut by the Chiefs on Friday, Maclin officially became a free agent at 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday. He can sign with any team. Prior reports indicated he’d visit the Ravens after visiting the Bills.

9 responses to “Jeremy Maclin’s Buffalo visit extends to second day

  1. If Maclin signs with the Bills, it can be viewed as a swap of Macklin for Woods. Health being not a factor, I think most GM’s would do that deal.

  2. Fascinating watching players throw their careers away…and for what?

    Some of these guys will be sipping out of straw y 50 and they’ll have played without a chance at a ring.

    He’s about done and should be looking for a legit contender. He’s already made his money.

  3. I hope the bills get a deal done, with either him or for Decker, would turn a weak position into a strength, would mean we are not one injury away from a scrub starting, give us some insurance if it’s a multi year deal ahould Sammy leave in free agency. It all makes too much sense. Get it done Beane

  4. joetoronto says:
    Jun 7, 2017 11:42 AM

    Only a true sellout would sign with the Bills and live there during the season.

    Dude, what is your problem with Buffalo? I’d rather have the Bills than the “Argo’s” anyday.

    That being said, at this juncture in his career all he is looking for is the $$$$….just like any other NFL player. It’s about security for life, rather than win a championship. Sorry to break your bubble….

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