Jets purge has taken nearly $68 million off the payroll


The Jets can avoid calling it a tank.

But when you stack the numbers up on the ledger sheet, it’s awfully hard to deny a clear plan this offseason.

According to Rich Cimini of, the 11 veteran players the Jets have released this offseason represent $67.9 million in payroll slashed.

That has taken them from one of the highest payrolls in the league to one of the lowest, and positions them to have tremendous flexibility next year. The cuts resulted in just $11.3 million in dead money this year and $2.9 million in dead money in 2018, which could put them around $66 million in cap space next year.

Between this week’s deletion of David Harris and Eric Decker, and previous cuts of Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold and others, the Jets have chosen a clear direction, even if they won’t admit it.

“No, I think there’s a lot of things that go into these decisions,”General Manager Mike Maccagnan said when asked if the moves were financially motivated. “I think we’ve been focused on trying to create opportunities for a lot of players on this roster. We have some very competitive positions, and we’ll see how it unfolds going forward.”

And we’ll see who is around for the unfolding, after what should be a regrettable season.

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  1. I hate the Jets and absolutely love the buffonery that has been occurring there since Parcells left. They have become the laughingstock of the league, surpassing even the Browns.

    However, I have no issue with what they’re doing now. They’re dumping players who are old, who are overpaid, or are locker room cancers. At best, they would have won 4-5 games this year. Let the young guys play and see what you’ve got. At least they be playing to their potential.

    It’s not like they’re going full “Suck 4 Luck” mode, which was offensive, blatant, and a disgrace to the league. The Jets won’t be losing games on purpose.

  2. Oh, no! They cut a bunch of veterans that helped them get 5 wins last year. And most of the guys they cut, were perceived to have been overpaid. This isn’t like a playoff team dumping players, and they likely weren’t going to be a playoff team this year either. It clears cap space next year, and they could still sign a few mid-range vets that will help them this year.

  3. If Josh McCown is correct when he claimed the team is not in a rebuilding year, the only other possibility is that Woody is mothballing the team whilst he’s Ambassador in London.

  4. As a fan of another team in the division, I hope the Jets always suck. However, this is the first time in 40 years that it appears they have an idea of what they’re doing. It won’t be pretty, and they still have to make the right picks in the draft and FA. But that team was horrible, with selfish aging stars. Maybe things will work out the way they planned. Remember, the Cowboys were 1-15, and won the Super Bowl 3 years later.

  5. What tank? All of these veteran players helped the team get 5 wins last year. These same veteran players are soooo good , in fact, that most haven’t even been signed by another team!

    But lets go with the ‘tank’ narrative none-the-less… because its all about clicks….

  6. Smart move for long-term future of this team. Although losing the leadership hurts.

    Enunwa is a younger more athletic version of Decker – who may not be healthy yet. They play the same position, where Anderson is more of the deep flanker [Z Receiver] and Stewart will fall into the slot.

    Jets were not going to make the playoffs this year anyway. Might as well clear the cap – although they could have been more professional is the way they did it.

  7. Which of the players they cut were all pros last year? What player cut even played at a level that matched their salary? I’m a Mangold fan and I know that him getting cut was a result of salary vs potential.

  8. I hate the Jets. Hate them. However I have to give them credit for this. It will take a few years to rebound. I am confident though, in four years they’ll return to 8-8 glory.

  9. LOL. A complete and total rebuild underway. And they don’t even have a young QB to develop (and lose) with. Mick said it best; “what a mess, this town’s in tatters.”

  10. “It’s not like they’re going full “Suck 4 Luck” mode, which was offensive, blatant, and a disgrace to the league.

    The Jets won’t be losing games on purpose.”

    1. Correct. This is more of a choice between “Take a hosin’ for Rosen” or just playing “not worth a Darnold”

    2. Again correct. The Jets have become so proficient at losing they can now do it without even trying.

  11. 3 years ago, Mike Maccagnan (the Jes GM) , inherited a terrible team with a lot of cap money.
    What has he done?
    It took the Jets 3 years to tear down the team and tank?
    His drafting has bene poor.
    His free agent signings poor.
    His handling of players poor.
    He over paid other marginal players.

    I just hope he and Todd Bowels are gone after the season.

  12. You can’t blame the GM for getting rid of overpaid, underproducing veterans.

    On the other hand, the league is encouraging it by allowing teams to rollover unused cap to the following year.

  13. I bet the Jets think that if they’re bad enough they’ll get relegated down to D1 college and then they think they could win there…seriously I’d wager that some D1 colleges have higher payrolls than the Jets do now.

  14. >.bkostela says:
    Jun 7, 2017 2:28 PM
    You can’t blame the GM for getting rid of overpaid, underproducing veterans.

    Yes you can if HE IS THE ONE WHO SIGNED THEM!

    Maccacnan over paid David Harris. (cut)
    And Marcus Gilchrist (cut)
    Antonio Cromartie (Cut)
    Darelle Revis (Cut)

    Why is Buster Skrine still on the team, cut him too.

    Other than trading for Brandon Marshall and drafting Leonard Williams, Maccagnan hasn’t done much else in 2 years. We’ll see how this draft class (his third) does.

  15. Tanking is a loser strategy in the NFL.

    If you have a coach and a GM there is no need to tank. You can build a consistent winner from mid to low round picks and free agents if you know what you are doing. e.g. Patriots

    Conversely when you don’t have a coach and GM, you will stink for years despite perennial low round picks: e.g. Browns, Jets, Bills

  16. Going to a Jets game will be much like watching replacement players during the lockout a few years ago. Are Jets fans really going to pony up good $ for these games?

  17. >.ibillwt says:
    Jun 7, 2017 2:41 PM
    Tanking is a loser strategy in the NFL.

    If you have a coach and a GM there is no need to tank. You can build a consistent winner from mid to low round picks and free agents if you know what you are doing. e.g. Patriots

    You also have to luck into a HOF QB in the 6th round.

  18. Well, what they’ve been doing hasn’t exactly been working. Not to mention that those nucleus players that won under Rex Ryan are now all 30+ with noticeable slip in their game. Decker was hurt all of last year. This isn’t rocket science. Why keep paying out the nose to stay out of the playoffs, which is going on a 5-year drought now? Bowles will have them prepared, but it’s past time to get younger and let those players be the new nucleus going forward.

  19. translation of g.m. “we are going full sam hinkie; except in fairness to sam, he always treated the longtime core players with respect. what we are going to is string them out until all the jobs are gone, then blame them for not taking a big salary cut….”

  20. If we were going to stink anyway. I hadn’t thought of the cap room for next year – those numbers are huge.

    I guess they’re looking at either hackenberg can play or he can’t and either way they’ll have a better grasp on qb next year. whether it’s the next new kid up or hack.

    Then they can start the build around that guy with some smart free agents.

    Anyway, at least the Yanks are still in first place.

    (and have won 27 times)

  21. I remember watching Eric Decker when he was with he Broncos. He seemed to almost evaporate when he went to the Jets. I hope he lands some place where he can excel again.

  22. “A regrettable season” is probably not the best term for what is clearly an organizational reset by design. Regrettable seasons are more in line with teams who have high hopes of contending, who falter due to bad luck and poor decisions. There doesn’t seem to be much regret involved with The Jets approach. The only time, you will hear that is if The Jets tell Bowles, his staff and the front office, that they regret to inform them that they will not be returning for the 2018 season.

  23. So they could spend a lot of money and still lose with nothing to show for it or they can spend considerably less and still lose but at least pay it forward to improve, and somehow that’s bad? Seems like relatively sound decision making, which in itself is surprising since this is the Jets we are talking about.

  24. You also have to luck into a HOF QB in the 6th round.
    Actually he’s the Greatest Football Player of All Time, BUT they had already picked up the Greatest Coach of All Time for chump change from a team that thought they had what they needed in Parcells.

  25. Only thing Jets are doing is setting Todd Bowles up to fail. Right. blame him for failing to draft well and sign free agents well. Another team that needs a new owner….

  26. QB crop is heavy next year. This is real simple people. Harris was overpaid by Tannenbaum due to the Jets desperation not to lose him in 2010, then got a nice deal from Mac for 2 years. He’s a 10 year player who slows down at the end of seasons now. Decker…Labral surgery on hip….makes cutting harder. Injuries like these make a great player good and a good player fair. Especially at 30. If these guy can play they will find jobs, if not , this is the NFL.

  27. Last time the Jets tanked to draft a QB #1 overall Peyton Manning decided to go to grad school to avoid being drafted by the Jets.

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