Odell Beckham Jr. says it’s about money (without saying it)

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Odell Beckham Jr. still isn’t showing up for Giants workouts, and because he’s not talking, no one’s 100 percent sure why.

But Beckham sent his clearest message yet, and by clearest we mean most passively-aggressive.

Via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, Beckham retweeted a radio interview in which ESPN’s Adam Schefter was advocating that the Giants give him a new contract, saying Beckham shouldn’t show up for any workouts until he gets a new deal.

Later in the day, he retweeted a video of him catching passes, adding a few of his own words: “Keep workin in silence.. #IGetIt”

If he’s not going to come out and say it, it’s only because he’s trying to retain some mythical high road, because it’s clear to most why he’s not been there.

He’s in the fourth year of his rookie deal, due to make $1.8 million this year with the $8.4 million fifth-year option already picked up. And he’s clearly outperformed that deal, especially in light of Antonio Brown’s new contract which averages $17 million a year.

He has hit the jackpot with a new shoe deal, which has apparently emboldened him to stay away. We’ll find out how seriously he’s taking it next week when the Giants convene for a mandatory minicamp, even if the fines involved for missing it will be small.

He’s already skipped all the voluntary OTAs, and well as a charity event Tuesday night which was promoted using his name. But he’s happy to let others do his dirty work for him when it comes to his new contract.

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  1. Isn’t this the same writer that said it was ‘suspicious’ that the Giants didn’t throw Cruz the ball enough last year so it wouldn’t make it easier to cut him? Now he’s saying we should assume something of OBJ that he didn’t even say?

    Can we please have an article with facts and substance for once?

  2. As someone who watches the Giants, all I can say is that while he’s talented he’s also my least favorite Giant.

    Act like a moron AFTER you sign your first big contract, not BEFORE. Even Albert Haynesworth got that part right.
    If you are less intelligent than Albert, then there is little hope for you.

  3. In a world of diva receivers…this guy is the worst.
    I loathe everything about him.

    I wouldn’t wish an injury on anyone, but it would be hard to hold back a chuckle seeing this princess’s knee turned backwards. It would be like watching Trump tumble down the steps of Airforce 1 onto the tarmac.

    Can you imagine the potential if this guy had the attitude of any of the Patriot’s receivers?
    No. Me neither.

  4. Ok skipping voluntary OTAs is one thing, but how is skipping his own charity event playing hardball? Is it a charity to support the NY Giants football organization?

  5. I would not touch this guy ever.
    He is in it for himself,not the team.
    Giants should trade him because this cancer is just starting to grow.

  6. Miss OTA’s and minicamp if you want, but skipping the charity event was bad form.

  7. Business-wise, he’d be a fool to play this season without a new contract.

    Let Javon Walker be a lesson to the lot of ya.

  8. He should play the game he signed up for and all of the other things, like his paycheck will work its self out. To say with his antics he has “out performed his contract”, could be argued.

  9. The way he handled the playoff week last year followed by the way he played in the playoff game were pathetic. You would have thought this guy would be the first on the field at OTAs to prove that he really is a team player. But with all the improvements made to the Giants offense over the offseason, instead of being on the field to get a start in finding chemistry with new additions, Odell is MIA.

    In most cases Odell says the right thing, only if he would for once do the right thing.

  10. The rest of the NFC East says thank you OBJ!! The more drama, the better……

  11. Why are you trying to compare him to Browns deal? Brown is 28 and played through his rookie deal and another extension. Beckham is only 24 and hasn’t played a full season, he should wait.

  12. You know NFL players have to strike when the iron is hot regarding money. But everything about this guy rubs most people the wrong way. He acts like a complete jerk most of the time.

  13. He has no new deal yet because he’s got the leverage and the Giants are in a cap hell overpaying Manning, and lunging into the FA market lats year overpaying Jenkins, Harrison, etc. They’re also overpaying guys like Vereen and Castillo starting in 2015, so all of this adds up.

    If moron Jerry Reese budges, they’ll spiral into a full-on cap hell like the Jets.

    You can’t build a team with a series of prices FA splashes in one offseason.

  14. Youre in year 4 of a 5 year deal. You have zero leverage. If Im in the Giants FO, Im not caring.

    As an Eagles fan, I hope he holds out until week 8 lol

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