Other than Kaepernick, the NFL doesn’t give up on 29-year-old QBs


A quarterback in his prime is a scarce commodity the NFL, and so quarterbacks at age 29 or 30 are always in demand. With the exception of Colin Kaepernick.

Last year, in the season he turned 29 years old, Kaepernick completed 196 of 331 passes for 2,241 yards, with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. This year, Kaepernick will turn 30 years old, and he can’t find a job. That’s not just rare, it’s unprecedented.

According to Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders, Kaepernick is one of 144 quarterbacks who have thrown 200 or more passes in the year they turned 29. The other 143 could all find jobs in the year they turned 30. Only Kaepernick can’t.

In other words, if you’re good enough to play quarterback at all when you’re 29 — even if you don’t play well — the NFL is going to find a roster spot for you at age 30. Quarterbacks are just too valuable to ignore one who can play. Which makes Kaepernick’s continued unemployment all the more interesting.

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  1. Completely wrong….there were all kinds of qb’s who were gone from the nfl at this age or earlier….maybe the clueless writer of this piece should buy his own nfl team and sign him to be his starting qb….he sucks….nobody wants him

  2. The left loves Kaepernick when he sits for the national anthem but destroys Tebow about his religious beliefs. Anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

  3. What is unprecedented is the amount of baggage this one brings. Also, stop with the stats from last year. While accurate, they don’t account for junk time where he got the bulk of the good numbers. He did little to prevent SF from falling behind when the game was in question.

  4. I wouldn’t hire the worlds best salesperson, let alone just a serviceable one, if he made a large portion of my customers not want to do business with my company.

    Disrespect has consequences.

  5. Not really interesting, just straightforward.

    He exercised his right to freedom of expression, NFL owners are now exercising theirs.

  6. If you at PFT are so worried about him, how about you give him a job until a team calls?

    I am sure he is strapped for cash. You seem to be generally concerned about his well being.

  7. Other 29 year old QBs don’t carry the negative PR he does. There would be a huge fan backlash if he were signed, and for a player that isn’t very good and would probably be a backup–and a backup that you would have to taylor your offense to–it’s not worth it.

  8. Jamarcus Russell, Christin Ponder, JP Losman, Joey Harington, Cade McNown, Heath Shuller, Andre Ware – get the picture. All of them 1st round picks and all out of football before 29.

  9. Here we go again…

    Let’s face the truth, teams and owners fear having someone who makes noise on and off the field in a negative way. I’m not saying what Kaep did was negative but you’d be blind to say it didn’t create a buzz, both positive and negative, and take away from the 49ers team.

    Coaches don’t want the distraction on and off the field. If he were a better quarterback they may take a shot on him but he’s been digressing every season since the Superbowl.

  10. What a stupid article. He doesn’t have a job because he’s NOT GOOD. Get that through your thick race-baiting skulls.

  11. Why not the outrage about RGIII being unemployed?

    Btw, if a team thinks you might be a distraction or bring unnecessary attention they have every right to look elsewhere.

  12. However, no other q/b that I know, decides to protest what he perceives to be social injustice, at his place of employment! Let’s not mention the “cute” little pig socks…..He made his bed…..

  13. He should be a QB on a team. It is a shame that he is black balled.

    Everyone goes though something. At some point you have to get over it. What he did was not that bad.

    Big Ben did something far worse and the league did not hold that against him.

  14. This is what’s great about America. A person has the right to protest and not stand for the national anthem. And private companies have a right not to hire such a person. This is not “discrimination” folks.

  15. What is with this site’s relentless support of Kap? There are 100’s of out of work NFL players, but lets write story after story creating a narrative about a QB nobody wants. I don’t get it.

  16. Please, enough about this guy already. He’s a backup level QB who can only play in a non-traditional, option heavy offense, would bring a ton of unwanted media attention to the team, and would likely cost more than the average journeyman. Politics aside, it just doesn’t make sense to sign him.

  17. His decline as a quarterback was also unprecedented. A lot of quarterbacks stay the same or get steadily better throughout their careers. Kaepernick was just getting less and less effective as the years went on. Even if there was no other distractions off the field, I still wouldn’t want him on my team.

  18. I wish I could somehow get a notification when PFT goes a week without Kaep posts. Been an avid fan of this site for a decade, but this is getting nauseating

  19. It’s as simple as this….if 32 really rich guys decide you are out, you are out!
    Now that may not be the case, it may be that he isn’t very good and nobody is going to pay him big dough to sit on the pine!

  20. Oh yeah some of you made good points of all those guys that passed through as NFL QB and flamed out before the age of 29. This writer is a joke….and shouldn’t be allowed to have a silly like this posted on the site!

  21. He’s a distraction… what kind of team wants 20 cameras on one player during the national anthem? What team wants to be the center of a racial/political divide?

  22. The more you media make a big deal over him, the less chance he has of finding a job.

  23. Robert Griffin, Josh Freeman, Tim Teabow, Zac Mettenbearg, Ryan Lindley, Johnny Manziel, Tim Teabow, Jamarcus Russell, Christin Ponder, JP Losman, Joey Harington, Cade McNown, Heath Shuller, Andre Ware are 15 others. So you mean other than those 15 guys?

    Not good when someone can blow up a point with 90 seconds of fact checking. If I spent a half hour on it, I could prob find 30 players this has happened to. Is the credibility of the site worth the love affair with one player?

  24. Are you kidding me? This reporting has to be some kind of inside schtick that no one let me in on the joke. Am I on Candid Camera?

  25. Considering he took a stand against the traitors running this country into the ground right now, I’d be first in line to sign him. That’s real patriotism

  26. If he’d won 9+ games as a starter last season, he’d have a job, regardless of anything else. Because stats are for losers, winning is all that matters.

    But he didn’t. Last year, 1-10. Previous year, 2-6.
    As a starter, 3-16 over the last 2 seasons. That is why he is currently unemployed. Winners get to play.

  27. Since no one else has mentioned it, I’ll just throw it out there: Vince Young’s career .620 W/L rate as a NFL starter is much better than Kaepernick’s .483, and yet he was flushed out of the league at 28.

  28. Are these numbers correct? Did he finish last year with a 85.9 passer rating. Did he loose 16 of his last 19 games? Thought I saw that somewhere. Anyway he wanted all of that “look at me I’m not standing” attention. So now look at me I’m not playing. Way too much baggage for teams and their locker rooms!

  29. Don’t worry those of you bringing up RGIII. As soon as his PR team buys ad here too, we will get our daily unemployment update on him.

  30. It feels like every commentor on this site is a conservative. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just weird.

  31. I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! The free market ACTUALLY works. Now if only we could get the government to figure that out….

  32. Someone said “Bob” Griffin, now, that’s funny. Go get em Bob!! Bobby! Robby!!! (best QB ever, or so he thought for one whole season)

  33. The bulk of the commenters here prove the point, whether they realize it or not. He isn’t signed for political reasons, not his merits on the field.

    Michael Vick got a job playing after serving time for a crime that decent people find reprehensible. But Kaep is out of luck so far.

  34. Well looks like Florio wont be able to use THIS comment section either for his argument on how Kaepernick would somehow “bring more fans in” than he would alienate.

  35. Damn… All this shade and poor Blaine Gabbert is still stuck out in the sun.

  36. well he should be happy, maybe he can go play in Canada or maybe Europe since this country sucks so bad

  37. Tebow beat the #1 pass defense with 300 yards in a playoff game in his 15th start, lost to Belichick on the road, and never started again. I understand the NFL wants a better passer than Kap or Tebow, but if you’re a normal and safe player in terms of “distractions”, the NFL will chose you over the wild card, even if you choke under pressure time and time again.

  38. “In other words, if you’re good enough to play quarterback at all when you’re 29 — even if you don’t play well — the NFL is going to find a roster spot for you at age 30.”

    Look, NFL franchises are private companies. They can hire whoever they want. If the owners don’t want to hire you they don’t have to and they don’t need to give a reason.

    In this case, many of the companies that like to advertise through the NFL, that like to attach their brand to the NFL, don’t want don’t want their brand associated with Kapernick’s ugly, pig sock wearing, flag-disrespecting mug.

    Also, the NFL doesn’t want Kap to represent the NFL brand. I’m sure the word is out.

    His career as an NFL QB is pretty much over.

  39. In other words, if you’re good enough to play quarterback at all when you’re 29 — even if you don’t play well — the NFL is going to find a roster spot for you at age 30, unless you wear cop/pig socks and praise Fidel Castro while in Miami, and alienate a majority of the league’s paying customer base with anti-American, anti-police mythology based on a “hands up don’t shoot” lie.


  40. Please stop with this Kap bs. Over his last 19 starts he is 3-16 !! Over the last 3 seasons (over half of his career) his QB rating stinks, at 85.9 . So let’s get real, once the NFL figured him out, realizing he doesn’t know what to do when his 1st read is covered, he was done. He is a bum. Then made a fool of himself kneeling

  41. If he had not protested I still wouldn’t want him. No reason to look at him given his recent record and the fact he went vegan in a physical sport that requires proper maintenance of muscle. What a brilliant idea to stop ingesting the most effective source of protein.

  42. ahzroc says:
    Cutler should have a job before Kap

    Even as a Packers fan who appreciated Jay Cutler’s struggles against my team, I totally agree.
    For all his problems, Cutler has a far more well-rounded and less-gimmicky skill set as an NFL passer.
    If I had no QB and needed a patchwork starter I’d be far more comfortable with Cutler over Kaepernick. And if I needed a reliable backup I’d feel better handing the reigns to Cutler in case of an injury to my starter.
    You just know Cutler will have a fresher arm. It won’t be tired from carrying all the baggage Kaepernick is dragging behind him.

  43. How many other said QB’s praised castro, wore socks depicting cops as pigs, and took a do do on the national anthem during that time period?

  44. The writer is pointing out an irrefutable FACT but you all rather blather on about how Kap sucks and his protest.

    Critical thinking is still a skill many lack.

  45. metitometin says:
    Jun 7, 2017 10:03 AM

    Considering he took a stand against the traitors running this country into the ground right now, I’d be first in line to sign him. That’s real patriotism
    Unemployment at 28 year lows, Market booming, credit scores highest in 10 years, alliance with China against N.Korea that BHO could not get, Gulf States working on command to ostracize terrorist sponsor Qatar that BHO could not do, ILLEGAL immigrant crossings down 70% just from proper enforcement before a wall.

    Sir, America has not been run this well in decades. Stop believing the lies MSMedia is feeding you to try to denigrate America and its leadership. President TRUMP is a winner and America is winning again and will continue to be better, safer, and richer. God bless it and football.

  46. Another Kaepernick story. He’s the most talked about non-talented anti-America quarterback in the history of quarterbacks. There’s quarterbacks available better than Kaepernick and we never hear about them..

  47. RGThree is too fragile to play quarterback in the NFL, and Tim Tebow was not good enough, period.

  48. He had good stats, but he couldn’t lead his team to wins – 2 and 16, I think, his last two years? QBs must be team leaders. As a vet, the protest bothered me, but I respect his right to do it: I just don’t think he’s a great QB and I wouldn’t want him.

  49. mmack66 says:
    Jun 7, 2017 3:08 PM
    RGThree is too fragile to play quarterback in the NFL, and Tim Tebow was not good enough, period.


    And they are both better options than Kaep

  50. Kap was done when they couldn’t get away with the read option any more. It was a gimmick that caught some teams off guard but was completely unsustainable. He’s always been overrated, this carnival coming to town stuff is just enough to keep anybody from taking an inexpensive low risk shot on him to push other (better) players on their roster. Kap’s been exposed, it’s done with, time to get over it.

  51. unbiasednfltruth says:
    Jun 7, 2017 8:54 AM
    I wouldn’t hire the worlds best salesperson, let alone just a serviceable one, if he made a large portion of my customers not want to do business with my company.

    Disrespect has consequences.



  52. Have no fear though, there is an employment opportunity in LA. No, not with the Rams or Chargers. The squeegee guy at the Wilshire Blvd could use some extra hands out there.

  53. How many of those guys are asking for ‘starting QB’ money? How many of those guys think they should be given a starting position?

    Stop the political correctness and look at the facts. He thinks he’s a much better player than he really is. Just like you think you are a better writer than you are.

  54. On the other hand, not many people want a moron as their team leader.

    After Seattle turned him down, he petulantly re-tweeted a Sharpe critique of Pete Caroll as ‘disingenuous.’

    Because he hasn’t learned. Because he’s stupid. Because he thinks that impresses the OTHER guys who might want to hire him. Because he’s stupid.

  55. He’s a one-trick pony
    One trick is all that horse can do
    He does one trick only
    It’s the principal source of his revenue
    –Paul Simon

    When you’ve got one trick, you’ve got no trick
    –Don Meredith

    When teams figured out how to stop the read-option, Kaepernick had no other way to beat them. He proved to be a sub-par at best pocket QB, and when you add the baggage to it, it’s not something owners want around. They can hire a sub-par pocket QB with a good attitude for a lot less than he wants.

  56. It’s almost like all of the Kaepernick super fans in the media don’t know that Nick Foles put up even better numbers than Kaep did in the same system, numbers that are in fact unmatched in NFL history, yet no one is crying foul that Foles isn’t being installed as a team’s undisputed starter. Is Kaepernick being black balled for his political views? Probably. But, many people in all kinds of professions don’t talk about politics at work for this exact reason. It’s not just football players who face consequences for declaring political beliefs unpopular with management…Whether that’s right or not is up for debate, but pointing out the Kaepernick didn’t have bad stats in a system known for producing very good, even record setting stats is not likely the best argument in Kaep’s favor…If a team with a QB need thought Kaepernick was the answer, it’s hard to believe that a coach or GM is willing to risk their job to spite a guy they heard say something dumb on TV…

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