Redskins OC Matt Cavanaugh has plenty to do without calling plays

Getty Images

Redskins offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh doesn’t feel left out with Jay Gruden back calling plays. Cavanaugh calls it a group effort.

It’s a mix,” Cavanaugh said via Matthew Paras of The Washington Times. “I’m doing some of the installation [of the offense]; Jay is doing some of the installation. Jay is running the film; I’m running the film. He’s got other duties, obviously, as the head coach, and if he gets pulled out of a meeting and can’t be there, then I’ll take over and fill the void.”

Cavanaugh replaced Sean McVay after the Rams hired McVay as head coach. McVay called plays for the Redskins last season.

Cavanaugh is an experienced offensive coordinator, having held the job with the Steelers (2005-08), Ravens (1999-04) and Bears (1997-98). The Redskins hired him as quarterbacks coach in 2015.