Riddell hires Peyton Manning as a “strategic advisor”

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Before Peyton Manning settles on a post-playing career, he stands to make plenty of money via the endorsement of and/or affiliation with certain products.

The latest company that will be paying Peyton plenty of cash for the attachment of his name to its product is Riddell. The helmet manufacturer announced on Wednesday that it has hired Manning as a “strategic advisor.”

“Riddell is one of the most recognizable brands in football and has long maintained its leadership position through meaningful improvements in player protection and game-tested innovation,” Manning said in a press release. “Riddell is also doing great work to educate the football community about new protective technology, the importance of proper equipment management, and coordinating initiatives that make new gear available to football programs in need. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to invest in the company and join #TeamRiddell to help reinforce the brand’s efforts in advancing the sport I love and believe in.”

It sounds like Manning will be doing more than singing a jingle or modeling the latest Riddell offering in a TV commercial.

“Manning’s new role as strategic advisor to Riddell will encompass contributions in product development, community and charitable initiatives, internal programming, and special projects directed by Riddell executive leadership,” the company said in the release.

The development comes at a time when the VICIS helmet is set to debut in the NFL, and amid plenty of buzz that the VICIS product could help with the reduction in the severity of head injuries.

While no helmet can completely prevent concussions, given that many occur when the head stops moving abruptly and the brain caroms off the cranium, concussions arising from the application of external forces to the head can be minimized. Whether it’s VICIS or Riddell or some other company, the goal should be to design a helmet that reduces brain injuries to a minimum.

13 responses to “Riddell hires Peyton Manning as a “strategic advisor”

  1. Great hire!! Nobody can doubt Manning’s football or equipment acumen, after all his success in the league! Not to mention his integrity, imo…..

  2. It was a no-brainer to hire someone with such a large, grotesque, and misshapen melon like Peyton Manning. The knowledge they can cull from studying that thick, deformed skull will advance helmet technology by decades!

  3. “The technology of head protection is always evolving, and who better to guide us on that path than a man whose head continued growing well into his late 30s.” — Riddell

  4. I hope the first suggestion he makes is to figure out a way to prevent that giant red spot on his forehead when he takes the helmet off.

  5. Manning is on pace to become a billionaire, it won’t be long before we see his name on Forbes billionaire list. Hopefully this helps Brady realize there is life after football, there is no need to subject his brain to any more concussions.

  6. Great hire!! Nobody can doubt Manning’s football or equipment acumen, after all his success in the league! Not to mention his integrity, imo…..

    Will he focus on development of a chin strap the reduces the risk of choking in big games?

  7. Manning is on pace to become a billionaire
    Brady is on pace to have more money tied up in rings than manning’s dopey ad empire.

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