Texans look forward to having healthy Watt, Clowney at the same time


The Texans made it to the playoffs last year with very limited contributions from J.J. Watt, thanks to significant contributions from Jadeveon Clowney. This year, with Watt and Clowney both possibly healthy and dominant at the same time, things could get very interesting — and challenging — for those who’ll be facing the Houston defense.

“For opponents to try to figure out where they’re going to send their protection – do they send it to J.J.?” assistant head coach/defense Romeo Crennel told reporters on Wednesday. “Do they send it to Clowney? Exactly how they’re going to do all that as far as from a protection standpoint, I think that’s going to make it extremely difficult on the offense. So, if we can keep both of those guys healthy, and Whitney [Mercilus] as well, I think it will be difficult for them.”

Difficult could end up being an understatement, if Watt can get back to being who he’s been in past years.

“He looks great,” defensive line coach Anthony Weaver told reporters. “He’s gaining confidence every single day. And the one thing I noticed in particular with J.J. is he seems to be having a lot more fun, which is good. This is a kid’s game. This is a kid’s game and we get paid a king’s ransom for it and I think when you’ve reached the heights he has, sometimes you start to feel that pressure. I like to think once you get away from it for a year, maybe you start to appreciate a little more, you start to realize all the blessings you have and he’s going out there each and every day and having fun and getting better doing it.”

It’s a kid’s game to be sure. But it entails grown-up injuries, which require surgery and rehab and pain and frustration. Watt has been through plenty of that in recent years, and it’s fair to wonder how much more of it he can or will tolerate.

None of that matters as long as he’s healthy. And if the offense can improve sufficiently during what could be a golden (albeit possibly limited) age on defense, the Texans could be ready to punch through to the game they hosted in February.

12 responses to “Texans look forward to having healthy Watt, Clowney at the same time

  1. This guy is still making $$ from the college tackle where the other guys helmet was knocked off.
    Although it’s not his fault he was the 1st pick, he’s not living up to it.

  2. Thats like having matter and antimatter together at the same place and time. Explosive, but almost certainly never occurs in reality.

  3. Clown-ney healthy? There is not a miracle big enough to make that happen – this guy is a real waste of a draft pick.

  4. But they no longer have Vince Wilfork jamming up the middle of the field. Gonna be monsters to watch if healthy, but that is a big if.
    Good luck Texans.

  5. Maybe a couple of times in a fan’s lifetime do you get a chance to root for something as special as this could be. The top two disruptive edge rushers on your team at the same time? Who wouldn’t look forward to that? We’ll see.

    These things usually collapse, but hey, can’t you all kinda root for this? I’ve been waiting a while….and it would be something to see.

  6. People talking about Clowney like he’s a bust still. He showed why he was the top pick last year with his abilities. Stop hating and hoping he gets hurt. He may turn out to have a greater career than jj watt now with his injuries so noone is calling jj watt a bust.

  7. no, when Joe Greene came in as a rookie, he was a monster, year after year, in fact.

    clowney has accomplished very little in comparison in his injury plagued years…

    last season he was average at best, considering his so-called ‘pedigree’ (one unblocked tackle on a college running back)

  8. What’s up with all the Mack haters? He’s Defensive Player of the Year! Who WOULDN’T want him on their team?!?

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