Adam Gase will put faith in security personnel during London trip


Recent terrorist attacks in London will have the NFL and franchises scheduled to play in England more nervous than usual for this year’s slate of international games. Dolphins coach Adam Gase, whose team will play the Saints there this season, plans to defer to those responsible for ensuring that things are safe and secure.

“I think with NFL Security, our security team, you can feel good about that where they do everything they possibly can do to make sure that we’re safe,” Gase told reporters on Thursday. “Travel, game day, the time we’re there, leaving — all those things. And that’s really what you rely on. You rely on those guys doing what they do best, and they do a great job. That’s what you have to lean on and you have to. . . . Like for us, we have to focus on our job, and they have to focus on their job. That’s really, that’s all I can do. That’s all our players can do. They’ve got to focus on what they need to do.”

Gase was also asked whether he’ll let his players visit on their own some of the places in and around London that could attract an attack.

“I don’t think I’m there yet,” Gase said. “It’s kind of a ways away. When we get to that point then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do.”

However the Dolphins or the other teams going to England this year handle it, security takes on a new level of importance given recent events. With these concerns now the new normal in many respects, the NFL must continue to take abnormal steps to keep players, coaches, and team personnel safe.

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  1. Firstly, having spent nearly half my career over in London, I can tell you that the 120 deaths from Islamists since 2001, as awful as it is, doesn’t compare to the 3,315 deaths from Irish-Republican terrorism between 1970-2000 – which the ultra-stoic Brits considered as nothing compared to the Blitz in WW2.

    And it’s not lost on stoic Brits listening to American negative reaction on British security regards the recent Islamist attacks that many private Americans fed funds into the IRA for decades. They also see us as scaredy-cats for being so alarmist, and are upset that our Homeland Security immediately leaked confidential information they shared on the recent attacks, which compromised chasing down accomplices.

    On a happier note, the Dolphins enjoy relatively big support in th UK, which has held steady since the end of Marino’s days and this fact isn’t lost in Miami’s office.

  2. “Adam Gase will put faith in security personnel during London trip”

    what else can he do? arm the team?

  3. Terrorists are salivating at this large presence of American culture and owner greed. How can they contain the NFL-Sponsored activities and the touring and carousing activities of the players without them being targets?!

    Faith in a Roger Goodell League?!

  4. A trip to Chicago concerns me more than a trip to London. Nothing happens there unless it has been intentional. Chicago is both intentional and collateral with numbers annually that far surpass London. Just doesn’t get much press outside Chicago.

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