Belichick: Patriots didn’t submit rule changes because “[w]e love the rules the way they are”


When it comes to talking to the press, Patriots coach Bell Belichick doesn’t want clever conversation; he doesn’t want to work that hard.

His flat brevity was on display yet again Thursday, regarding the team’s decision to break from a recent trend to submit proposed rule changes directly to the league.

“We love the rules the way they are,” Belichick told reporters. “Yeah, we don’t want to change them.”

They nevertheless will have to deal with the changes that were made, including the reduction in overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s a big deal,” Belichick said. “I mean, it’s shorter, so it is what it is.”

He also called the elimination of the ability to leap over the line during field goals and extra points “another monster,” and he had a simple three-word reaction to the change: “Won’t do it.”

There’s brilliance in that simplicity. The rules change, and the teams adapt. Whatever the rules, winning means using them to a given team’s advantage in the hopes of scoring more points than the opponent on a consistent basis.

32 responses to “Belichick: Patriots didn’t submit rule changes because “[w]e love the rules the way they are”

  1. It ain’t cheatin’ all you big babies(Harbaugh) . He’s always ahead of the curve. There is no such thing as ‘bending the rules’ Either you comply or you don’t. Can’t wait for the next thing BB and JMcDaniels come up with that the losing team blames on the rules(Polian)

  2. Best football mind in the game today and it’s not even close. He may even be the best ever and as much as it pains me to say it, that includes Vince Lombardi.

    Lombardi was to his era what Bellichick is to today. Would Vince be as successful today? Would Bill have been as successful back then? We’ll never know. It’s like Tyson vs Ali or Lebron vs MJ. We all have our opinions but we’ll never be able to really know.

  3. I’m not a Patriots fan, but I get the idea that the NFL could pass a rule saying the Pats only get five points for a touchdown and Belichick would still find a way to win.

  4. “I loved the rules they way they were.”

    -Sincerely 2003
    (Pre Fantasy Football rules points of emphasis.)

  5. Stop changing the rules. It’s common knowledge the Pats feel the rules are made to be broken. Especially when most consequences are a slap on the hand. You want the Pats to follow the rules then make the penalties more severe. Employ a tiered penalty system where multiple infractions lead to stiffer consequences.

    For the most part, the actual rules are fine the way they are.

  6. “…Bell Belichick doesn’t want clever conversation; he doesn’t want to work that hard.”

    Saw what you did there with the Billy Joel reference.

  7. The media doesn’t engage in clever conversation. It’s all about “gotcha” and TMZ because they don’t know football and they don’t want to learn.

  8. And the competition committee includes Tomlin, Martin Lewis, John Mara and Rich McKay.

    Got money for those end zone cameras yet?

  9. Imagine if Belichick was on the competition committee the way Bill Polian was.

  10. That’s what you got out of his presser? How about the media type asking BB a real hard hitting question. If he ever addressed Stacy in the locker room , f them, f them all? The media sure has a high opinion of themselves.

  11. Honestly, it doesnt matter what they do wrong or right, they still win even when they are slapped with fines, penalties. draft picks etc. Can we just stop giving them the spotlight. Kind of gross all these off-seasons of just trying to bust them for something then they get busted THEN they win the Superbowl.

    Lets focus on the Buccaneers or something, anything else.

  12. How much did he love the $500 fine in 2015 for the rule about videotaping opponents?

  13. Of course he’s fine with the rules, he’s already gotten all of them changed to benefit his team and their style of play, so why change them.

  14. Don’t you get the feeling if there was an IQ test for all head coaches and GMs in the league, Belichick would come out on top? The man is the GOAT.

  15. It continues to baffle me how completely erroneous “the beaten” are about the Patriots and their history.

  16. The way Belichick talks to the media during press conferences reminds me of how a parent responds to a 5 year old child that keeps asking dumb questions.

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