CenturyLink more than doubling payments to hold naming rights for Seahawks stadium

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CenturyLink reached an agreement with the Seahawks last month to extend their naming rights deal for CenturyLink Field and Events Center through the 2033 season.

According to Jim Camden of the Spokesman Review, the new deal more than doubles the communications company’s financial investment in the stadium.

The deal reached two years before the expiration of the current agreement is set to pay the team $162.7 million over the 15-year life of the contract. It would average close to $11 million a year over the life of the deal. The previous agreement was expected to pay $6.4 million to the team for 2018.

The Seahawks have made the playoffs in each of the last five seasons and have hosted home playoff games in four of those five years. Additionally, the Sounders are defending champions of MLS soccer and are the biggest draw in the league.

6 responses to “CenturyLink more than doubling payments to hold naming rights for Seahawks stadium

  1. I would have thought that it would be a better investment to invest in internet service that didn’t take a “Century” to “Link” to any given website.

  2. Football aside, centurylink is one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. The most disfuctional call center that I have experienced.

  3. The Clink is not, nor was it built to be a “tear down” stadium after 20-30 years. Regardless if you’re a fan or not, the experience at the Clink is bar none and it’s gonna be there for a LONG time.

    Outdoor yet covered, beautiful skyline of the city and Mt. Rainier, and its loud as all get out.

  4. What are Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett’s thoughts on this? (Seeing as they seem to have an opinion on everything else…)

  5. Even a modest effort at actual journalism would have revealed that, because of the city’s investment in the stadium, Paul Allen said he would name it Seahawks Stadium and not sell the naming rights.

    That lasted a few years. Then it was Qwest Field. That was terrible.

    At least Centurly Link gets shortened to “the Clink” locally.

    Not sure why Paul Allen even bothers with it. If I had his money, I’d just name it after myself. Wouldn’t even be worth my time to sign the papers for a measly 11 mil per year. That doesn’t even pay his taxes.

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