Christian Hackenberg passes hit defenders and reporters at Jets OTAs


Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg has had some hilariously bad throws at Organized Team Activities.

As documented by Connor Hughes of, Hackenberg has been missing his target repeatedly, often hitting the defense in the hands, and twice overthrowing his target so badly that the ball traveled off the practice field and hit reporters watching from the sidelines.

When Hackenberg misses he really misses,” Hughes writes. “He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I’m not talking about a receiver falling down. I’m saying the defender just dropped the ball. Other times, the wideout/running back/tight end was wide open, and Hackenberg sailed it over his head or bounced it to him. That can’t happen. In the three media-open OTAs, Hackenberg hit reporters with passes twice.”

Hughes also noted that Hackenberg threw some impressive passes, which is no surprise: Hackenberg’s arm strength has always been impressive, since his freshman year at Penn State. But unless he learns to put more touch on his passes, it’s hard to envision him ever becoming the starter the Jets thought he’d be when they made him a second-round draft pick.

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  1. Hackenberg is the new Jimmy Clausen. Total bust, but also totally unclear why he is a bust. Nothing about his college tape indicated he’d be this bad in the NFL.

    At least Clausen had an attitude problem we can partially blame his failure on. After watching Hackenberg play at Penn State, I can’t fathom how he is so bad.

  2. Cut your losses now Jets! The unnamed assistant coach from last year who said he couldn’t hit the ocean seems spot on AGAIN…FOR A SECOND YEAR!

    This guy has got to go.

  3. Lol… anyone could see this from his film at Penn State. Second he was replaced Penn State made Rosé Bowl!

    The NFL is obsessed with the idea it’s 1960 and the only QBs that can play position are tall, white stiffs.

  4. @ fanfrommontreal says:
    Jun 8, 2017 6:39 PM
    This year Fireman Ed will quit for good.


    Fireman Ed will take up badminton or curling as it will be more fun than watching the Jets.

  5. Using a 2nd round pick on Hackenberg was really stupid. An inaccurate QB at the college level isn’t going to suddenly become accurate in the pros. Kyle Boller comes to mind. Great arm strength but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Arm strength means nothing without accuracy. The Jets seemed to forget about that part.

  6. And, he was taken before Dak Prescott. Further, there were folks saying the Cowboys should have snapped him up!

    Good luck Jets. But, duck………

  7. How can people say this doesn’t make sense when you look at his college tape? He couldn’t have been more inconsistent

  8. Whoever could have guessed that a QB who completed barely 56% of his passes in college would have accuracy problems as a pro?

  9. They should change his number from 5 to 4….in case he throws again wildly, they can yell FOUR!!!! and people will duck

  10. That’s terrible for the fans. Hopefully he works out the kinks during the off season.

  11. ““He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I’m not talking about a receiver falling down. I’m saying the defender just dropped the ball.”

    So you’re saying the Jets defenders aren’t any better at getting INTs than Hackenberg is at throwing completions?

    Gonna be a long long season of humiliation for Jets fans.

  12. My prediction that he will never play a down for the Jets is holding steady, though the depths to which team ownership seems willing to go to tank is the most threatening variable at this point.

  13. In other news, “Kaepernick states that he has not received a call from the Jets…..”

  14. Practice doesn’t matter. It’s what you do on game day that counts. But Hackenberg was a terrible college QB. Why would anyone think that a bad college QB would become a good pro? Lots of good college QBs can’t even make it in the pros.

  15. This is not good. But not a total surprise–I was not thrilled when the Jets took him, nor was I happy he went with a 2nd round pick. No telling if another team was going to snap him up, but I just felt he was a huge reach.

    Given the 2017 season is going to be epic anyway, he should play and see just how bad he really is.

    Worse case scenario–Jets draft better QB in 2018.

    I mean #1 pick, tons of cap room, New york market, chance to get marquee QB–who knows, Jets could clean house and use full control to lure top flight candidate to take over.

    It would stink though–I mean the team is set up to bomb in 2017–firing the coach and GM when you fully intend to bomb would be kind of a d#ck move.

  16. The best news for Hackenburg: No one on this page is an NFL coach, so he’ll probably be ok. He’s a young kid with some talent, hope he does well.

  17. tompapp1 says:
    Jun 8, 2017 6:20 PM
    I think its obvious the Jets need Jay Cutler.
    I’d agree but there’s no point, because the Jets have recently shed nearly $70M of their veteran talent. Without doing some big signings like Jay etc, it’s clear the Jets aren’t even holding-pattern or rebuilding mode but in a clear tanking mode.

  18. If he really is that bad then everyone responsible for picking him should get fired. As a Jets fan I hope they do get the first pick in next years draft since it all begins with a good quarterback.

  19. xlivsaints says:
    Jun 8, 2017 5:59 PM
    How is this possible?! He played QB his whole life and now “forgot”?

    He got the yips after being hit so many times at Penn State. Kind of like David Carr with the Texans.

    Any Penn State fans wanna weigh in with whether than was due to Franklins O or was just Hackenburg holding the ball too long? The few games I saw him play in college, it seemed like it more on Hackenburg

  20. I just googled who was the last good quarterback to be drafted from Penn State, my Google is still searching.

  21. This is a surprise? He was “figured out” his last season at Penn st., but it seemed like everybody blamed everybody but him for his struggles. The kid is just not that good. Petty I think can pan out, so long as he stays healthy. However, this is just going to backfire if the Jets are truly trying to tank. This isn’t the NHL of NBA, not only does it take more than one “super star” to turn a team into a contender, it takes a system and grooming for 80% of rookie to be great out of college. Football isn’t “football” everywhere, where as playing hockey or basketball is less system dependent and individual talent weighs more. Great, draft a QB first overall. Whose he going to throw to? How can you properly judge your QB’s on your roster when you’re trotting out scrubs for him to throw to? What if your franchise guy is already on the roster, then you can take the best player available?

  22. The only saving grace is being a 2nd round pick, the Jets can move on from him quicker than say if he was the #1 overall pick they tradde up to get. *cough goff goff*

  23. burtmustin says:
    Jun 8, 2017 7:35 PM
    Has Fireman Ed been given a tryout at QB? He couldn’t be any worse.


    Fireman Ed was one of the most passionate Jets fans ever. I was at the game when the Jets had some of their past players on the field at half time to honor them. Fireman Ed always wore Jets jersey #42, which belonged to former Jets punt returner Bruce Harper, Ed’s favorite Jets player.
    When the ceremony concluded, Harper ran across the field and climbed up in the stands to give Fireman Ed and his brother hugs. The place went nuts.
    Even Fireman Ed couldn’t take it anymore and he left at halftime of the Patriots 49 – 19 slaughter of the Jets in 2012, and announced he was done doing his J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets cheering. He got as much publicity by “retiring” as any Jets player would have gotten.
    Maybe Fireman Ed could play QB for the Jets. He can’t be any worse than what they have now, as you say.

  24. All these Talent evaluators like to remind everyone that drafting a player is not a science but there is some common sense to it.

    If you are not accurate in college, the chances of getting better in the pros is a difficult one. You have better athletes and the wide open window you see in college rarely happens in the pros. I didn’t watch Penn State’s games when Hackenberg was there to truly evaluate him but from the highlights I saw, he looked average at best. And you had the QB guru in Jon Gruden singing his praises during draft time. Of course, everyone was trying to evaluate him over the success he had in Bill O’Brien’s offense his freshman year.

    Evaluating players might not be easy but sometimes, these guys need to get out of their own head. The best QB in the league right now is a lanky kid people taught couldn’t throw. And it hurts me to say that as a Steeler’s fan. One of the best WR is a short skinny guy people taught was not fast enough or strong enough to play in the league. Teams need to stop with the extreme emphasis on measurables and just evaluate the player. By the way, I was talking about Brady and Brown.

  25. hamlet423 says:
    Jun 8, 2017 9:00 PM

    Worse case scenario–Jets draft better QB in 2018.

    I mean #1 pick, tons of cap room, New york market, chance to get marquee QB–who knows, Jets could clean house and use full control to lure top flight candidate to take over.


    Here comes Mark Sanchez 2.0!

  26. In his last year at Penn State early season loss to Temple 11/25 for 103 yes. 1 Int, 3.2 QBR. He was sacked TEN times in the game. PSU’s O-Line was bad (due to lost scholarships) but those are horrific stats.

    Horrible GM move to draft in the 2nd round

  27. In other news, “Kaepernick states that he has not received a call from the Jets…..”

    Makes sense…looks like they already have the younger version of him…

  28. I agree with the others, he is just practicing his tanking drills. He will be the day one starter if he under-performs this well.

  29. Well he was never really that good.

    The real issue is why are defenders dropping the ball? That’s freebie, regardless if it’s practice or real games.

  30. I love to sit there and just imagine Hackenberg practicing. I just crack up to myself for hours.

  31. This story is a little ridiculous.
    Is Hack good, probably not.
    But they reporter makes it seem like Hack overthrew his receiver by 20 yards too high and it launched into reporters way off in the distance.
    If you see the play he was referring to, it was a quick out to the sidelines and there were reporters were standing right next to the play.

    Again, not defending Hack, he’ll probably not be good but the headline is a bit ridiculous/exaggerated.

  32. And Romo, Cutler, and Kaepernick have all been passed over for jobs.

    Proof, fans, that NFL owners don’t care about the quality of your NFL experience, or trying their hardest. They’ll compromise the “integrity of the game” over a dollar in a heartbeat.

  33. jets have already thrown in the towel on him.

    if they wanted him, the trolls would be saying “he works hard, but has a long way to go,” or something as such.

  34. I watched Hack during his years a Penn State and he was always inconsistent…he actually got worse after his year under Jim O’Brien. I was shocked that he was drafted as high as the second round but he does have everything you’d want in a QB …except accuracy and consistency.

  35. Maybe the reporter had split the zone and was really open.

    Maybe Hackenberg thought the playing field went East to West instead of North to South.

    Maybe Hackenberg is precisely the QB the Jets need… for tanking the season.

    Maybe Kevin Costner whispered to Hackenberg on the sideline, “Hit the bull”.

    Maybe he saw Decker on the sideline and he thought he was still playing with the Jets.

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