David Johnson: No added urgency because of Carson Palmer’s age

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Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer said this week that he doesn’t believe his age is a reason to think that his play will take a turn for the worse during the 2017 season, but there’s no question that the 37-year-old is closer to the end of the line than the start of it.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who joined Palmer in waiting before committing to a 2017 return, is also on the back nine of his career, which has led some to believe that the window for this particular iteration of the Cardinals is closing. During an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn, running back David Johnson was asked if Palmer’s age created added feelings of urgency heading into this season.

“I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like that’s the case at all,” Johnson said. “I feel like we’re all just trying to get better, all just trying to learn and make sure that we, especially me, can bounce back from last season and improve and make sure and hopefully just put more wins under our belt.”

There are so many on- and off-field factors that can change long-range projections and the length of careers that urgency is rarely in short supply in the NFL. That has been the case in Arizona for the last few years and it’s hard to imagine that will be any different in 2017 whether they believe Palmer, Fitzgerald or anyone else will be in the lineup come 2018.

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  1. “…urgency is rarely in short supply in the NFL”

    It sure looked like any sense of urgency seemed to be in short supply in AZ last season.

  2. Arizona’s window won’t open until Palmer is gone. His mediocrity has held them back the last several years. He’s not horrible but just bad enough to keep them arm’s reach away from a championship. You can win championships with a great team and mediocre QBs (Flacco, Manning’s final season), but not if you treat them as if they’re franchise QBs.

  3. Given that Palmer turns 38 by the end of the season, and given that he’s twice before taken time to decide about retiring, if the office don’t sense urgency they shouldn’t be in their jobs. And given that most of his stats (YPG, YPA, TD, INT and FUM) all got somewhat worse this last season, either the office aren’t paying attention, or are in denial, or have failed to develop a future prospect and are just praying it’s a slow decline rather than a cliff this year. Fingers crossed for you guys…

  4. If Palmer never hurt that pinky vs the Eagles late in the season he probably raises the Lombardi trophy that season

    Lots of people are sleeping on the Cardinals this season. Kind of like Atlanta last season.

    Arizona could be a 12-13 win team in 2017

  5. I am so tired of this “ageism” crap! Palmer is correct when he directs the focus on “experience”. And from this orientation the Cardinals are sitting pretty… And Carson will demonstrate this fact again in 2017.

    Folks, we are witnessing type of “racism” that our culture projects onto people of an older age. My God, CP embodies the most insightful, knowledgeable, and experiential talent within the league today! Let’s honor and recognize his presence….

  6. Arizona is the under the radar potential landing spot for coaxing Romo or Cutler out of retirement, if something happens to Palmer. The Cardinals are a veteran team that sees itself as a legit contender and has Arians and Fitzgerald on their last run with the team.

  7. Arizona’s problem isn’t QB, it’s CB. They need to solidify the CB2 position across from Peterson. Palmer’s fine, they can score well with him as QB.

    And, well, Arizona has the best RB1 and WR1 in the division, and they’re both in the top 10 in the league, which always helps. Fitz led the league in receptions, and DJ looks like he’s playing against the JV team.

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