Dennis Pitta exits Baltimore with no additional compensation

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Of the various buzzwords that apply to the departure of a player from an NFL team, “injury settlement” gets used repeatedly. “Injury waiver” rarely applies.

It applies in the case of former Ravens receiver Dennis Pitta, whose departure indeed came pursuant to an injury waiver. PFT has obtained a copy of the injury waiver, and it means that the Ravens owe Pitta nothing further due to the fact that the injury relates to his past issues with his hip.

Typically, when a player suffers an injury during offseason workouts, he continues to be paid until healthy, and if he’s out for the year he receives his full salary. But since Pitta had a pre-existing hip problem, he agreed that if he were to suffer another hip injury he wouldn’t be paid.

None of this means Pitta will have to pay back money he has previously earned, but it seals off any further payments to Pitta from the Ravens. Given the repeated nature of the injury, it’s possible if not likely that Pitta’s career is over.

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  1. Of all the sports that have guaranteed contracts the NFL is the sport that should have them most. For situations exactly like this. God only knows what this guy’s hip condition will be like when he’s 60 and after 3 dislocations.

  2. I don’t think anyone can question his loyalty to the Ravens. But sometimes those you love don’t love you back. I hope and expect he finds success off the field.

  3. With all the fanfare of Calvin Johnson being forced to give $1M of his large signing Bonus to the Lions, this is FAR worse.

    Very tacky.

  4. jsuch2- what part of signing bonus don’t you get? the contracts do not have to be guaranteed when the signing bonus is. when you get millions for signing your name to the contract then I do not feel sorry when you are cut. seriously how much has he been paid for not playing 2 of the last 3 years?

  5. metalhead65 – what kind of human being doesn’t feel sympathy for someone who gets hurt? Pitta got hurt doing his job, it’s a risky field. His career is over. He has his money, fine, but you don’t feel sympathy for him?

  6. “Of all the sports that have guaranteed contracts the NFL is the sport that should have them most. For situations exactly like this. ”

    Pitta made millions and should be covered by league health insurance, there is zero need for guaranteed contracts in the NFL unless you want the league to be wrecked by players who get paid and then put out very little effort.

    Its why I stopped watching MLB in the early 90s and have never watched a single game since. Terrible idea to have them in the NFL

  7. “Pitta had a pre-existing hip problem, he agreed that if he were to suffer another hip injury he wouldn’t be paid.”

    Sounds like he knew this would be the case if he were to have the same issue again – and agreed to it from the beginning. Where is the injustice? If anything, kudos to the Ravens for giving him another shot when they knew the odds were stacked against him.

  8. So maybe this is why OBJ is staying away…you said if players get hurt practicing on their own their salaries aren’t guaranteed but if they get hurt in OTA’s the team is on the hook for it. APPARENTLY NOT!

  9. Wasn’t Pitta close to Flacco to? The irony that the Ravens paid so much to Flacco (way, way too much if you ask me), that they are now just ruthless in their business decisions. Again, just my opinion but this is very harsh.

  10. He still re-injured his hip practicing with the team, and now his career is over. If the Ravens had some heart, they’d at least have paid out some of his contract.

  11. Prime example of the lack of leverage a player and the Union have. Gee…Dennis we would like to have you back .but that hip injury that
    you suffered while in the course of your employment concerns us….
    even though you suffered the injury giving your best to us …we like you we want to resign you ..but …just one little thing …can you sign this clause?
    And fans get mad when a player leaves in free agency for a better offer
    that could provide security for his family for some time.

  12. I don’t think the Calvin Johnson payback is worse:
    1.johnson had a roster spot
    2.he voluntarily left. No trade or cut demand.
    3. It was $1M, from a guy who earned $60M in his career.

    Pita was waived the minute he crashed. The Ravens upper management should take a little dirt for the optics.

  13. The NFL gets away with serious labor and contract violations and the NFLPA does nothing in regards to protecting the players. NFL players are like cattle in the eyes of Roger Goodell and the 32 owners, no other sports organizations treat their players/assets in the matter as the NFL. Pita was their leading WR (86 rec / 729 yards / 2 TD / 8.48 Avg) last season with a cap hit of less than $1 million hopefully Pita had an insurance policy against injury……

  14. What the Ravens do as a team may affect their salary cap HOWEVER, what Steve Bisciotti does on his own for the Pitta family is his own business and since Pitta isn’t playing for the Ravens and he won’t ever play for another team, what Bisciotti does for Pitta is of no concern of the NFL and Goodell. I can assure you that Pitta will want for nothing, especially with medical issues, for what he did for Baltimore.

  15. How does anybody know what Steve Bisciotti will do for Pita and his family! The NFL throws injured players out of the league all the time with nothing. Pita salary was only for a $1 million honestly what does a $1 million do to their salary cap…. Pitta got hurt in OTAs in the team’s facilities and they cut him why not have Pitta retire as a Raven and send him out the right way.

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