Jeremy Maclin leaves Baltimore without a deal

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Jeremy Maclin has left Baltimore without a deal. Maclin, though, still could sign with the Ravens, the team announced Thursday.

Steve Smith posted a photo with Maclin at team headquarters earlier in the day.

Maclin would reunite with Marty Mornhinweg, his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia who holds the same position in Baltimore. In his four seasons with Mornhinweg, Maclin averaged 64.5 catches and scored 26 total touchdowns.

The Ravens’ need for a receiver is obvious with only Mike Wallace having caught more than 34 passes last season.

Maclin spent two days visiting with the Bills but left there Wednesday and headed to Baltimore, where he has left without a deal.

22 responses to “Jeremy Maclin leaves Baltimore without a deal

  1. Wow, both BUF and BAL passed on him, at least at the salary he is requesting. Both of those teams need WR help. Makes you wonder if he’s not 100%.

  2. Taking the trip to Baltimore was a mere formality because he was a little off on dollars for the Bills’ offer. He went to Baltimore on the off chance they could/would exceed Buffalo’s offer. He will sign with Buffalo by the end of the day tomorrow. As a Bills fan, I’m not saying this as if it is a good thing, nor a bad thing. I’m just saying it because it’s the guaranteed thing. Book it.

  3. If he didn’t like the bills offer, he’s not gonna like Baltimore’s lol.

    No cap space and maclin looking for one more payday, not a good match.

  4. He may want one more big pay day, however at his age he may also want to go where he can win and Baltimore has a way better chance than Buffalo that’s for sure.

  5. Working anywhere in anew York State = equals getting mercilessly hammered on Taxes. Tax in NY, anywhere in NY, is worse then paying 30% a week to the guys with the bent noses.

  6. Reminds me so much of the last season of Ballers.

    He has a classic choice to make about what matters most to him – a chance to win, or a chance to be appreciated, or friends on the team, or dollar dollar bills y’all.

    Steve Smith took 3mil/per because he wanted to win, and because he wanted to be himself, and make big plays with a big armed, SB winning QB.

    I could see Maclin taking something like that for similar reasons, but I could see him going Bills for more money and for friendship / comfort with McCoy and Tyrod.

    But going to the AFC East is Patriots’ territory, and Maclin has to know that. Tough sledding to even get the wildcard there.

  7. His situation is very different than most free agents. Teams haven’t budgeted their cap room to make a run on him since no one thought he would be cut. I’d expect him to make a few more visits before deciding, OTAs are pretty much done and we still have a while until training camp. That being said he would make a great compliment to Sammy Watkins and be a solid #1 when Sammy misses time

  8. Go be a number 2 in AZ and then a number 1 after Fitz leaves after this season. Arians loves fast receivers and his offense is built for a WR like Maclin to put up numbers. Their other fast WR, John Brown, keeps having medical issues. And they dumped Mike Floyd last year.

  9. There is a reason he is on the street. His production has fallen and what is really telling that he was cut after showing up at OTAs. Good guy, but Father Time is undefeated

  10. KC lost 2 draft picks and a $350K fine for making a single call to Maclin directly instead of his agent.

    In contrast, the Jets had several secret meetings with Revis while he was still under contract with NE. In addition to the illegal face to face meetings, they called him with disposable phones instead of landlines. For the most blatant instance of tampering in NFL history, the Jets received a measly $100K fine.

  11. Why does anybody think this is a choice between winning and money? Baltimore is not a super bowl contender with or without maclin, and neither is buffalo. If this is about simply getting to the playoffs, even if you believe baltimore’s chances are way better than buffalo’s, why would he be focused on simply getting where he got with KC the last 2 years?

  12. Lets see, ummm track record?

    The Ravens have won 2 superbowls in the last decade and a half. Have the best record of beating the Patriots when it counts outside of the Coughlin-led giants.

    Plus the Ravens have at least won their division at points in the last decade.

    Sorry, but the Bills have literally achieved nothing since Jim Kelly.

    Plus bill have new coaching staff, and clear coach-vs.-GM dysfunction.

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