Patrick Mahomes “exactly” where he should be in development

Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes’ head is spinning as the Chiefs’ offseason winds down. Everything is new for the first-round pick who ran the spread system at Texas Tech.

But Mahomes has time to remake himself as the Chiefs’ plan for him is to sit, watch and learn behind Alex Smith and Tyler Bray.

“Right now we’re trying to get the game to slow down for him,” co-offensive coordinator Matt Nagy said via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. “It’s as basic as getting out of the huddle, knowing where everybody is at on our side of the ball and then being able to focus on where the defense is.

“We’re at ground zero right now. We joke around that it’s a piece of clay that you get to mold. You sit here doing fundamentals that you do at the high school level, and that’s OK. No matter who comes in there, we’re going to do that.”

Nagy said Mahomes is “exactly” where he should be in his development.

“When we got him out there, we knew he would be a little raw,” Nagy said. “But that’s the run part, trying to mold him into what we want.”