Steelers corner: A “blessing” he wasn’t arrested for gun at airport


Steelers cornerback Senquez Golson carries a gun with him for protection when he’s back home in Mississippi, but he dodged a figurative bullet by flying through Alabama on his way back to Pittsburgh.

The oft-injured cornerback was not arrested when TSA agents found a gun and 23 rounds of ammunition in his luggage at the security checkpoint at the Mobile airport in April.

“They were telling me good thing I was in the state of Alabama. That was a blessing,” Golson said, via Jeremy Fowler of

“I just went through the airport rushing, threw everything on the belt, and it just rolled through,” he added. “They kind of looked at me, and I said, ‘I know I don’t have any liquids in there.’ They were kind of looking at me, we were both looking with confused faces. Good thing I was with some good people. The officers there, they were good people.”

While other players have been arrested this offseason for similar forgetfulness (though charges against wide receiver Louis Murphy were dropped), the law in Alabama allows people to carry guns in an airport (though he could have been fined since it wasn’t checked in a hard-sided case).

But airport police chief Brian Fillingim said Golson was friendly and immediately contrite, recognizing he had simply forgotten to take the gun out of his bag when he packed. Golson said he didn’t intend to take it with him to Pittsburgh, but intends to collect it when he returns to Mobile en route to his home in Pascagoula, Mississippi, where he has two young sons.

“Personal protection — it gets kind of weird down there sometimes,” Golson said.

(Hopefully he’s a little more aware of the location of his firearm as the boys grow up.)

With that matter behind him, the 2015 second-rounder can concentrate on getting on the field. That’s something he hasn’t done in his two years with the Steelers, following a torn labrum and a Lisfranc injury which each required surgery.

19 responses to “Steelers corner: A “blessing” he wasn’t arrested for gun at airport

  1. So forget a bottle of shampoo and TSA throws it out. Forget a gun and they hold onto it until you return?

    Yeah. That makes sense. Must be nice to be in the NFL!

  2. Steeler fan here. But how in the world can you forget or not know that you have a gun and ammo packed in a carry-on bag at the airport, with all the security emphasis there for years??

    Also, remind me never to visit Pascagoula, Mississippi if you need a gun so bad that you you don’t even realize you have one at the airport. SMH.

    This guy better finally stay healthy and show he can play some football or he can go back to Pascagoula, Mississippi with his gun and ammo.

  3. Personal protection at the expense of everyone else’s safety.
    The battle cry of the paranoid.

    I don’t have an issue with responsible owners of fire arms who always know where they are and store them and their ammunition properly.

  4. I’m sorry but I’ve had concealed carry permits for 40 years or more in various states. How can you forget you didn’t pack your weapon properly? These guys make millions of dollars and can’t think for themselves. He travels all the time and should know better. No excuse and he was very lucky. Had he been in NY or NJ he would have been in jail like that lady from PA.

  5. Ugh. Come on man. You can’t forget where you put your gun. It’s a deadly weapon and should be treated as such. I forgot is a very weak excuse

  6. Could have been fined? The guy tried to take a gun and ammo into the passenger cabin in his carry-on. And TSA are under federal not state law – so the fact that Alabama allows guns in the public areas of airports should not give the guy a discount.

  7. He plays for the Steelers. Goodell got him off and has decided to suspend Brady instead. After all, the appeals court ruled that Roger can suspend anyone, at any time, for any reason. Even if no violation has occurred.

  8. ricko1112 says:
    Jun 8, 2017 8:58 AM
    He plays for the Steelers. Goodell got him off and has decided to suspend Brady instead. After all, the appeals court ruled that Roger can suspend anyone, at any time, for any reason. Even if no violation has occurred.


    James Harrison also plays for the Steelers so explain why he received 3 “random” drug tests in the off season.

  9. Hijackers and terrorists will read about stories like this and may try and bring a loaded gun onto a plane for evil purposes.
    If the worst that will happen to them is they have to turn the gun over then they will keep trying until they get through.
    The guy should have been arrested.

  10. Just a thought here. If your home town is so ‘kind of weird’ that you have to carry a gun, maybe it’s time to relocate the family.

  11. If it’s only his first felony, he should be ok. Steelers don’t even think about discipline until it’s felony number 3.

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