Brandon Marshall wonders if Jets still have 11 players

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Brandon Marshall moved to the stable side of MetLife Stadium this offseason, but the veteran wide receiver admitted concern for his former Jets teammates.

Marshall was an early part of the Jets diaspora, cut in March, and landed safely with the Giants.

But he told TMZ his concern for his former team was at a basic level.

“I am happy where I’m at now and the Jets will be all right,” he said, via the New York Daily News. “Will they have enough people to line up? Man, that’s the question.

“I think eventually they’ll be all right but I don’t know if they’re gonna have enough men to line up.”

After this offseason’s purge, which peeled nearly $68 million off the payroll, the Jets are going to be an easy target for joke-writers and fans of other teams. And they will undoubtedly have enough players to field a full team.

We just may not recognize a lot of them.

20 responses to “Brandon Marshall wonders if Jets still have 11 players

  1. Just Great, know I am going to have to watch TV adds begging fans to buy Jets tickets. They should just move to a larger market.

  2. They are going to draft a QB in 2018 AND sign every top-tier free agent they can get their mitts on. Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Graham would create a lot of excitement for long-suffering Jets fans.

    I don’t give a darn about the Jets either way, but it would make the off-season a lot more interesting. Dream Team II?

  3. What do you mean “GONNA BE AN EASY TARGET”….. They have been for years…. Just some better than others!!

  4. The Narional media shows just how bad it is by employing a Brandon Marshal and thinks fans actually want to listen to what he has to say

    I don’t know how he did it but he did it.

  5. As a Patriots fan, I’ll duck when I say this, but I like Brandon Marshall. He’s a very good player and a tough match up for anyone. He speaks his mind, but he is respectful. He probably feels badly for some of his former friends still on that roster who face a year of management driven tanking.

  6. The off-week before the Superbowl, the NFL should play a “Duperbowl” game with the last two placed teams duking it out, winner gets the #1 draft pick. Even a 6-3 game can be exciting. And just think of all the blooper material they would get for NFL Films!!!

    Niners/Browns/Jets…. just think of the possibilities.

  7. This locker room cancer is still trying to cause trouble for the Jets. Can’t wait for him to tear apart the Giants’ team!

    The Jets want the #1 pick next year, so they’re ensuing that they don’t have enough talent to win. It can’t be called tanking if they really are as bad as their record. Unlike the Colts, who orchestrated the worst tank job in history. They even had t-shirts made up…

  8. …the Jets are going to be an easy target for joke-writers and fans of other teams.

    …and much like the Browns, woe betide the team that loses to them.

  9. “We just may not recognize a lot of them.”

    Darin, I have criticized you in the past, but here I want to thank you for not being another mindless critic who, even though you could have, didn’t throw out yet another hateful or mocking comment.

  10. As a Brown’s fan, my sympathy to Jets fans as it looks like you guys are burning it down like we did.

  11. “another year”

    Some of the guys were around with the whole John Idzik experiment too. So yeah, the money is good but man the job its self is miserable in terms of actual success.

  12. Why the hate for Marshall? The man has cleaned-up his life and has been a positive influence for the Giants. Give it a rest, venom-spewers.

  13. Jeez you would think this is the first time in the history of sports that a team decides to rebuild. For once the Jets Front office is thinking straight… they weren’t going to win for the next few years might as well tank and free up cap space…. draft a good QB and sign some good free agents

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