Falcons to honor Michael Vick, Roddy White with retirement ceremony

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Michael Vick is going to get his wish to retire as a member of the Falcons, but he’s not going to have a whole stage to himself.

The Falcons announced that owner Arthur Blank will honor Vick and former wide receiver Roddy White during a June 12 ceremony.

We consider all former Falcons to be Falcons for life, and part of our family,” Blank said. “Both men have made a huge impact on my family, our franchise and this city and we are thrilled to be able to honor both Roddy and Michael’s wishes to retire as Falcons, and celebrate their careers.”

This won’t be the sign-for-a-day kind of transaction which will require a roster spot, so there’s no harm in dealing in bulk.

But even though he had his own issues on the way out the door, White’s presence will at least take some of the attention off Vick.

Not only was he an electrifying quarterback who helped lift the Falcons to prominence in the early 2000s, but he also was part of one of the most embarrassing chapters in the franchise’s history (and they’ve had a few), with his involvement in a dogfighting operation leading to time in federal prison.

But time apparently heals all wounds (except the ones on the dogs), and Vick will get the day he hoped for.

25 responses to “Falcons to honor Michael Vick, Roddy White with retirement ceremony

  1. Vick made some horrible mistakes but he is trying to redeem himself. The dude was a human highlight real when he played for the Falcons’ It was always fun and scary watching my Bucs play against him.

  2. Vick… a waste of unbelievable physical talent. The youngsters coming in should take a look at Vick before doing something dumb.

  3. There’s no games on June 12th. What a random day to do this. I understand not wanting to do this at halftime of a regular season game, but why not do this during a preseason game instead of a random day in June?

  4. I live in Vick’s hometown and he is still scum.

    This jerk should be thrown around against a wall like he did to those dogs.

    Shun the dog killer.

  5. Vick can redeem himself out of the spotlight and as a volunteer where he doesn’t get paid.

    We don’t have to like him.

    He just has to disappear and find the inner peace he needs. He’ll eventually pay for being a horrible human being.

  6. Good god where is your pride, Blank? He lied to your face, repeatedly, about FELONIES.

    I wouldn’t take a phone call from that kind of dirtbag, much less *honor* him.

  7. But time apparently heals all wounds (except the ones on the dogs)…and apparently what ever it is that you can’t or refuse to let go. It happened, he was punished; matter of fact, i pray we get to witness what its like when your begging family and friends for your own forgiveness. I bet it’d be easy to say you dont deserve any forgiveness either but then again, your probably perfect and never made a mistake in your whole life.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion here; it was so enjoyed!

  8. Good on the Falcons. As a dog lover, I realize Vick did some bad stuff, but he has made a concerted effort to get his life straight. Say what you want, but I think he deserves this honor.

  9. What’s the big deal? At least they aren’t like Baltimore, who built a shrine celebrating a murderer.

  10. “Honor” someone who tortured dogs? I mean, this country has simply gone down the crapper.


    This is only short of Ray Lewis and his statue outside of the Ravens stadium.

  11. Too bad for Roddy White who had nearly 11,000 yards catching the ball. He deserved his own day. Forgive Vick or not, he is lightning rod and the attention on Vick is clearly going to own that day.

  12. Please tell me the part of the article “not only was he an ELECTRIFYING quarterback” was either a horrible pun, or a hilarious one?

  13. V*ck wouldn’t cooperate with the Feds unless they took the charges related to bookmaking and gambling away. If the creep had agreed to charges related to the illegal bookmaking and gambling the NFL would have banned the dog killer jerk for life. Instead they welcomed him back with open arms. Don’t know who to hate more.

  14. Michael Vick actually did a great service to society putting the spotlight on animal abusers. I was called to jury duty this week for a guy who cut off his cat’s head and threw body and head into the yard for all to see. He is going to do 2-7 years. ( Hopefully gets some psychiatric help ).
    Before Vick, this would not have been prosecuted and this guy would have been uping his game until he finally did something such as murdering a child before he would do jail time. Thanks Mike Vick .

  15. Vick has tried to redeem himself. And he did his time.
    So get of your phoney holier than thou high horse.
    He’s now out of the NFL so you’ll have to find someone else to complain about.

  16. In the U.S in some communities, dog fights are common, also in some communities in the U.S people hunt and kill innocent animals for sport and bragging rights. Where is the outrage at those killing innocent animals just because they can? Shouldn’t it be killing animals= disgusting no matter the reason?

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