Panthers say Michael Oher’s health is their top priority


Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher, who still hasn’t been cleared to return from the concussion he suffered in September, raised eyebrows with an Instagram post on Thursday night that showed a lineup of pill bottles, presumably medications he’s taking to deal with injuries suffered on the field.

Oher’s Instagram post was quickly deleted, and he has had nothing more to say about it. But Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman acknowledged it’s a concern.

“I don’t know if Michael posted that photo or not,” Gettleman said. “Regardless, my primary interest is Michael’s health.”

Gettleman said he went to Nashville a month ago to check in on Oher.

“We really had a great visit. We talked for an hour, had lunch, it was a very comfortable conversation. We talked about a lot of things – nothing about football. It was about him, how he was doing and the issues he was dealing with,” Gettleman said. “It started and ended well. And after we met, Michael did follow up for a few days. However, the communication has stopped. Our No. 1 priority is a healthy Michael Oher. This is not about football, this is about Michael.”

It’s unclear when, or if, Oher will return to the Panthers.

13 responses to “Panthers say Michael Oher’s health is their top priority

  1. You made and hopefully saved enough money now to live the rest of your life with your family and friends. Enjoy!

  2. He comes from the pre rookie wage scale time when 1st rounders were paid huge money. He can easily retire and be fine the rest of his life.

    If he still isn’t passing concussion protocol from one he got 9 months ago he better be very careful about risking another one.

  3. After the Panthers get a taste of $55m Matt Kalil, they’ll be praying for Oher’s health and return. After week 2, Cam Newton’s too.

    No worries tho Panthers fans. It’s all part of God’s plan.

  4. If he retires, do they sue him for his signing bonus? Or does a doctor declare him done and insurance covers it? NFL is the most dangerous and least dollar friendly sport to players. Not saying he should get the rest of his contract, but you hear all the time about guys who are banged up and retire only to be broke and still owe teams money. On the plus side for him, he’s made over $32 million which I still think is lower than what some comments are implying.

  5. I just want to see another movie about him with Sandra Bullock as his mom. She was great in that picture!

  6. Oher, walk away from this. You have enough money for your great grand children. Call it a life well lived and enjoy what’s left. Don’t kill yourself for the dollar bill. Find a way to be an old man.

  7. Once th decline starts, it’s impossible to stop. Once those neuroric wires are damaged, no pull will repair the damage

  8. Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that if he retires, he gets nothing, so that’s not happening. If he’s not medically cleared to play and the team is advised to release him, he is eligible for $1.2 million per year for each of the 3 remaining years of his contract, and the Panthers save $4.5 in salary cap space. Person also (wrongly) reported the Uber incident is unrelated to his health. I think the incident happened BECAUSE OF his health. Fits of rage are common with CTE, and that’s what I think Oher has.

    It’s really sad. He resurrected his career with us and had a very good year in 2015. Now he’s never going to play again. I just hope he realizes that, works out a generous injury settlement with the Panthers and has a long, healthy post-football life.

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