Seahawks sign second-rounder Ethan Pocic

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The Seahawks would like to have stronger offensive line play than they got a year ago and they spent one of their two second-round picks on a player who they hope will help provide it.

On Friday, they signed that player. The Seahawks announced that they have signed Ethan Pocic, the 58th overall pick in April’s draft and the second of their two second-round selections, to a four-year deal.

Pocic started 37 games at LSU and spent most of his time at center, but his future with the Seahawks appears to be headed in a different direction. He played right tackle during the rookie minicamp and got time at guard once he started working with veterans.

The Seahawks have had several other linemen spending time at multiple positions, giving them both flexibility about who goes where and things to sort out once they get to training camp this summer.

11 responses to “Seahawks sign second-rounder Ethan Pocic

  1. It’s going to be beyond maddening if again this season, I have to watch one of the 5 whiff every other play and see plays blow up before we even know what the heck they were running. Get this fixed please

  2. Because he played center in college, the Seahawks have a plan to make him play another position.

    They’re destined for second place in the division this year at 9-7. Cards will have the division easily wrapped up, just like 2015.

  3. Drunk Uncle – this is literally the first line from his NFL scouting report under strengths: “Five-for-one lineman offering roster flexibility; has played tackle, guard and center.”

  4. …at least he played OL in college amd we’re not trying to convert another DL to play OL as a rookie

  5. I have a drunk uncle, too. He makes the same types of boasts as above all the time. We have learned to humor him while not taking much he says as being anything but nonsense. Family.

  6. Drunk Uncle says:
    They’re destined for second place in the division this year at 9-7. Cards will have the division easily wrapped up, just like 2015.
    Or 12-4 and they have the division wrapped up by Thanksgiving, just like last year.

    That too…

  7. Speaking of not hearing from people, where did kam or osiris go after a) losing to the Cardinals and b) getting blown out by the Falcons last year? Didn’t hear from you guys then for some reason.

    Seahawks will probably make Pocic play D-line. Remember, you gave Luke Joeckel big money to be the team’s saviour, lol.

  8. He is drafted to replace Justin Britt, who is in the final year of his rookie contract and will likely be offered more money by another team than the Hogs are willing to match after this season. In 2019, they will draft someone to take Germain Ifedi’s spot. And so it goes, round and round. Midget Wilson will wind up having knees as bad as Joe Namath’s before he finishes his career.

  9. Hey Seattle,

    how did you enjoy Blue Jays nation invading your city and stadium this weekend?

    I have never seen a visiting team in any professional sport dominate the crowd like this.

    The Mariners even tried jacking up the prices this year so the same thing didn’t happen like last season…!

    you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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