Who has the best home crowd in the NFL?

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The fans in Pittsburgh saw, and heard, the volume and intensity of Nashville fans in Games Three and Four of the Stanley Cup Final. And so they brought some more of the same for Game Five, boosting the Penguins to a 6-0 win.

And so the obvious question of the day for Friday’s PFT Live becomes this: Which is the best home crowd in the NFL? Not the best home-field advantage (Seattle), but the best home crowd — noise, zeal, passion, etc.

We’re not providing options in the form of a poll question. It’s for you to make the case in the comments.

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64 responses to “Who has the best home crowd in the NFL?

  1. The Green Bay Packers!!!!

    They travel, they stay, they cheer, they freeze, and their polite to opposing fans.

    Yeah, some Viking troll is going to come out of the woodwork and point to one or two isolated incidents of bad behavior, but by and large, Packers fans are about as good as it gets in the NFL.

    Let the bludgeoning begin.

  2. I offer exhibit A: 2012, week 3, Sunday Night Football, Patriots @ Ravens, 3rd week with “replacement officials”:

    The next game scheduled for a national broadcast was to be Thursday Night Football, on the league’s own network. The NFL envisioned their entire broadcast filled with coordinated, phonetically correct “BS” chant from the Baltimore crowd and quickly settled the labor strike with the officials in time for them to return for Thursday Night Football.

    Rest of NFL canvases: “You’re welcome”

  3. “That’s the loudest manure chant I have ever heard”
    Im not a Ravens fan, but that was great

  4. “The Green Bay Packers!!!!

    They travel, they stay, they cheer, they freeze, they pee in the sink and their polite to opposing fans.”

    There. I fixed it for you

  5. Buffalo… Almost two decades without the playoffs and yet they still fill the seats every Sunday. Besides, ask any player about playing in the Buffalo environment… weather, rowdy fans… and they will tell you it’s crazy. Put a team like Seattle or New England in the same position of no playoffs and their stadiums would be empty after the third or fourth season of playoff drought… Buffalo is entering year 18 and the stadium is still full. #BuffaLove #Billsmafia

  6. The Washington Redskins? I love the ‘Skins, but it’s no way they are the best… maybe you could’ve made that argument in the 80’s and early 90’s, but since the “Daniel Snyder experiment” has ran the franchise off the tracks there is no way the Redskins’ can claim the best home crowd. Just look at the late season home games last year when they were fighting for a playoff spot… looked more like they were playing at a neutral site game vs. at that train wreck called FedEx field. There are two moves that can be made to fix things… new owner and bring back RFK!

  7. Seattle fan, it’s Green Bay and it isn’t really a debate. They have brutal weather and a dilapidated stadium, yet a 30 year waiting list.

  8. The correct answer is Kansas City then Pittsburgh.

    Seattle is full of bandwagon fans.

  9. Saints fans for sure. Just like Lazarus in the Bible, we have walked in the desert for 40 years before winning a Title. Even through the “Lean” years the Superdome was Still FULL. Ask any Opposing team or TV Broadcasters the how the Environment is when the Saints are ROLLING dropping 40 burgers left and right.

    One thing we know for sure, is that its NOT the So Called “Fans” in Atlanta

  10. I’m a Patriots fan and I’ll give it to Kansas City. They were certainly part of the reason we were “on to Cincinnati”. They contributed to that beat down.

  11. Packer fans “think” they are the best fans.

    But, like most drunks, they also think they are Superman…

  12. bdwilliams3 says:

    Raiders have the most passionate fans. You’ve heard of the black hole

    There’s a fine line between passion and intoxication.

  13. The national talking heads often talk about Packers or Steelers. I’ve personally traveled to 18 NFL stadiums to watch my Vikings play on the road with different friends, family and/or my wife. Here are a few takeways, starting with my favorite squad:

    1. Vikings fans travel really well. They are very underrated in that respect. The overall fan base can at times feel cynical but what do you expect from a franchise that’s been to the playoffs the 2nd most in the Superbowl era (tied with Pitt, behind only Dallas), yet no titles to show for us.

    2. I grew up hating Dallas & Green Bay. I still hate the Packers as they are our biggest rival, but my experience with the people tailgating at Lambeau was all positive. We kicked field goals through fake uprights with Packer fans in the Kmart parking lot as if they were our friends. As for Dallas, I still dislike the national attention devoted to the Cowboys (especially after they’ve done basically nothing since 1996), but they have the nicest fans as well. Great experience in Dallas.

    3. Of my 18 cities visited thus far it’s not even close — Steeler fans were AWFUL. We constantly had idiots screaming obscenities at us (unprovoked) and jackasses in the stands hitting us in the face with those stupid yellow towels. Note: I was at a great game there in 2010 — Favre led Vikings undefeated (6-0) at the time vs. 5-1 Steelers so it was intense. Bottom line is that the people just weren’t friendly at all.

    4. Other positive experiences — Kansas City, Denver, Tennessee, Indy, Baltimore, Washington

    5. New Orleans fans were annoying as they had beat us in NFC title game in route to SB and we were opening up the next season on their turf. Overall I love that city, but their fans were just eh…

    6. Cardinals fans weren’t really that into their team and it was 2008 – they later lost the SB.

    7. Jags, Bucs, Bears, Dolphins – nothing negative to say other than no real atmosphere but none of them were very good at the time.

    8. San Fran – I had no issues but watched a bunch of fights unfold between fans in the parking lot. Did NOT feel safe being there for a night game.

  14. It’s Cleveland hands down, they’ve never won a thing and had their team taken away, but they sellout every game and are as passionate as it gets.

    I highly recommend going there to watch a game, it’s amazing.

  15. Seattle fan –

    Agreed Seahawks have a pronounced HFA but no more than KC, PIT, GB, NE…no team in the league wants a late season road date with any of those teams, and you may as well throw in Denver too.

    For fan support or whatever you are calling it, I think it goes to Green Bay in a walk. Crummy old stadium, absolutely brutal weather/temp, yet they maintain that crazy 30 year waiting list for tickets. And 30 years ago, they stunk, bad!

  16. As a Raiders fans, I’d love to say it’s the Black Hole and Raider Nation… but I’m sorry, I went to a game at Lambeau Field in 2011 and was absolutely blown away. The fans gave me a hard time at first, nothing big, just good natured trash talking. After being there for awhile my group made some drinking buddies and after they found out we were military, they introduced us to what seemed like the entire neighborhood we were parked in. They stuffed us full of food and beer. The Raiders got blown out (it was bad), but everyone in our section was pretty cool about it. Trash talking, but nothing ridiculous. After the game, they wouldn’t let us leave without shoving food and beer in our hands. I had a blast. I’ve been to a lot of games in a lot of stadiums, but have never had that much fun outside of Oakland.

  17. The Packers do NOT have a 30 year waiting list any more. That is a MYTH.

    They added on to Lambeau 2-3 years ago and I know current season tix holders that purchased additional seats without any waiting.

  18. I don’t know which fanbase is the best, but there’s no question that the most precious fanbase is either the Packers or the Seahawks. One thinks they own the team and the other thinks they’re on the team.

  19. > Besides, ask any player about playing in the Buffalo environment… weather, rowdy fans… and they will tell you it’s crazy.

    Well it definitely gets the award for most dongs thrown on the field in a season not to mention some of the parking lot videos that came out last year. Bring the whole family.

  20. I’m a displaced Giants fan currently living in NC. I’ve been to many Giants home games, both in the Meadowlands and MetLife Stadium, when the situation allows. And I can tell you that Giants fans are NOT the most passionate fanbase in the NFL. Far from it. I’ve been when the Giants are doing good and I’ve been when they are doing bad. Both situations elicit an overall “meh” from the crowd.

    Sure, they cheer at the right times but the overall enthusiasm is embarrassing… especially with one of the original franchises of the NFL.

  21. Every fan from every NFL city will claim their home crowd is the best, but the metrics don’t lie: not only do the Seahawks have the best home-field advantage, but Seahawks opponents playing at CenturyLink have more false starts than anywhere else in the league – which is DIRECTLY attributable to crowd noise. NFL football has been a big deal in Seattle since the late 1970s, and most of the folks chattering about ‘bandwagon fans’ couldn’t find Seattle on a map. #GoHawks

  22. nanner12wojo says:
    Jun 9, 2017 9:49 AM
    The Packers do NOT have a 30 year waiting list any more. That is a MYTH.

    They added on to Lambeau 2-3 years ago and I know current season tix holders that purchased additional seats without any waiting.


    Im on the list bro – trust me its true. I am number 125,435 as of May. Its down about 200 from last year.

  23. cabosan1978

    evidently if you have enough money you can jump to the top. there was a club renovation about 10 years ago and those seats were sold to current seat owners. I know a guy that lives in north Dakota that purchased a bunch and he already had seats somewhere else. He just sells the incremental ones online. And when the added those upperdeck endzone seats a couple years ago some newbies got in that didn’t have seats before and weren’t on the “long list”

  24. I think you should clarify “best home crowd”. If you are talking loudest I would say Seattle or KC..take your pick. If you are talking about nicest fans I think you have to go with Green Bay hands down. I went to a game there in 2011 and the whole city just shuts down and the people were extremely nice considering I was wearing an opposing team’s jersey. They served me up beer and brats in the parking lot and treating me like I was their friend. Bash them all you want but I would rather be in that atmosphere then be harassed by a bunch of drunk idiots.

  25. As a Buffalo Fan who has followed the team for 50+ years and usually hit 1 or 2 road venues a year, I would normally go with Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Green Bay in no particular order.

    However, when I see that Oakland sold out even after they said they were moving, my hats off to them. If the Bills had moved to Toronto I would have been done with them.
    God Bless the Wilsons and the Pegulas for keeping the Bills in Buffalo.
    St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego all moved.

  26. Seattle fan here obviously. Setting my own team loyalty to the side to give another team’s fanbase their props, I’d say the Kansas City Chiefs have the best fans in the NFL. From the pregame tailgating to the ridiculous crowd noise during the games, their tops in my opinion. Plus I’ve never met a Chiefs fans who wasn’t genuinely a pretty decent person as well as being knowledgeable about the game and it’s history.

  27. Saints fan here. Walking to the Super Dome with a Bloody Mary in hand is tough to beat. Being in the stadium is like being at a weekly party where everyone is invited.

    Seattle was pretty amazing. Saints were out of the game by the 3rd quarter but the stadium was still packed and loud AF all the way through the end of the game.

  28. ubb44 says:
    Jun 9, 2017 7:33 AM
    “The Green Bay Packers!!!!

    They travel, they stay, they cheer, they freeze, they pee in the sink and their polite to opposing fans.”

    we don’t “pee in the sink” but if you do, like the bears fan I saw do it a few years ago, they aren’t very nice.

    That dude took one hell of an ass whooping after someone asked him nicely to be a human being rather than a Chiraq animal.

    The beat-or received an ovation and the beat-ee got cuffed and dragged out in a bloody mess.

    And what is with this idea that Lambeau is a dilapitated wreck? Lambeau is awesome and basically one of the newest stadiums in the league. They only kept the bowl and field because it’s the Packers.

  29. As a Jets fan I have to say its close between Indy/Colts & KC/Chiefs fans.. I have gone to many games home & away & I’ll say its a split between those 2. However I will also say that the experience in Pittsburgh by a Steelers game is literally dangerous if you wear the opponents gear.

  30. nanner12wojo says:
    Jun 9, 2017 11:11 AM

    Brother – I have lived 4 blocks from Lambeau for about 10 years. Grew up about a mile from the hallowed grounds as well. I am in the know with the renovations and ticket lists.

  31. Went to a game about 20 years ago against the Raiders. A couple of guys from the Black Hole traveled and were sitting directly behind me.

    Funniest trash talkers I’ve ever heard.

  32. Been going to Pats games since the 1970s, and have seen them play at Dallas and at Houston.

    No comparison about which crowds were “nicer”. Dallas and Houston fans were uniformly gracious to us, even as the Pats put a beat down on their teams.

    It’s better now that they really do kick people out and take away their season tickets, but Pats crowds continue to be pretty rowdy and not that nice to opposing fans. My favorite sign of all time was a kid about 12 holding up a sign which pointed at his dad (in a Redskins jersey) and said, “Don’t hurt him, he’s my ride.”

  33. Very Bias subject, to say the least.

    Now I have little to no experience visiting other stadiums besides Arrowhead, so I will defer to those that have actually visited other stadiums , as this is a more subjective than objective concept.

    However, I will add what I can, and that is stats. LOL

    I approached this with a couple theories:
    A) KC would be among the top
    B) Raiders were NOT among the best, since I know that they are leaving Oakland is in part due to ticket sales
    C) Pittsburg would be good, especially since they travel well
    D) Green Bay would be among the top
    E) Seattle should be thrown out due to being Fair Weather fans.

    Well I was 2 for 5…I think. LOL

    A) (MISS) First off, objectively KC is not in the top 5 for ticket sales (based on % of stadium capacity) in the last 5 years.

    That would be Dallas (4), Green Bay (4), Indy (5), Seattle (3), Philly (3), SF (2), Miami (1), Minnesota (1), Chicago (1)

    B) (Hit) Raiders have been bottom 2 in % of tickets sold for the last 5 years…..including last year when they were good.

    C) (Miss…I think) Pit is not in the top of home attendance, and it is hard to track statistically how well they travel…..but they are not top 5 in attendance in away games. However, my eye balls see a lot of yellow on TV during their away games. So….I do not know.

    D) (Hit) See A,

    E) (Miss) Over the last 10 years, Seattle has had a high percentage of stadium capacity, with a slight dip around 2009, 2010 when their win record went down, but not as big a drop as I would expect. So I would say for the last decade Seattle has not been a fair weather fan base……

    However, when I came back to post my findings I see a fan from Seattle post that, “NFL football has been a big deal in Seattle since the late 1970s, and most of the folks chattering about ‘bandwagon fans’ couldn’t find Seattle on a map. ”

    If I couldn’t find Seattle on a map I would google it, just like I googled Seattle attendance records that say that until the above mentioned Decade, Seattle hovered around 5th to 9th worst attendance in the league. Only to rise up to about the MIDDLE (as in a good year was having the 17th best attendance) around 1999 when they won the AFC West (You are aware that they used to be in the AFC West, I find a lot of Seahawk fans do not know that since it was more than 5 years before they even knew they had a team), and then falling off again to the bottom of they league in attendance as they did not sustain the winning.

    Now, like I said. I do think that majority of Seattle fan get a bad rep (because of fans like the guy I quoted) and the current Seattle fan is not as fair weather as I thought.

    But to say the Seahawks have been a big deal since the ’70 is absurd to anyone who has actually watch football longer than 10 years. People use to look at Seattle like they look at Jacksonville today, expecting them to move to a new city every season. Do a little research, the only thing that saved them from moving to California 10 years ago was Paul Allen buying the team.

    So to sum up this little novella of mine.

    I am not qualified (having not visited 30 of the 32 stadiums) to really answer this question. LOL

    But I will be bias and say Arrowhead is top 3 (with GB, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Denver {can you say thin air} up there too) because it is hard to believe that there are many places more fun to watch a game. 🙂

  34. jackodn says:
    Jun 9, 2017 2:25 PM
    Been going to Pats games since the 1970s
    Did your pants catch on fire when you typed this?
    NOBODY went to Patsie games in the 70’s.

  35. Easy. Jaguars.
    Look – Does your mascot bungee jump off the light towers to Bad Religion and Pennywise? Ours does.

    You have pools? We do. We have the weather to be in them in December.

    Biggest video screens in the world? Check.

    In the middle of pack in the NFL when it comes to attendance, in a small market with a team that’s been brutal to watch for the last decade, really…so, Fans? Check.

    Our tailgates are fun and we’re generous with our food and booze. You have Southern Hospitality? We do.

    Go Jags!

  36. rockstar904 says:
    Jun 9, 2017 3:25 PM
    Easy. Jaguars.

    You have pools? We do. We have the weather to be in them in December.

    1) Jacksonville is basically in Georgia.
    2) I don’t go to NFL games to swim.
    3) You’re the Jaguars.

  37. These are the seven teams who had the highest average number of home game arrests:

    Green Bay, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Oakland, both New York Teams, Sand Diego.

    As San Diego no longer has a team, I guess we need to say the six teams with the most arrests per game.

    Obviously – if the fans of these teams are arrested so frequently – they can’t be among the best fans in the NFL.

  38. The Vikings have the best fans. They spend so much time disgruntled and eating their angry words that there really isn’t a more entertaining group.

  39. Saints fans are pretty friendly and fun. I think since New Orleans is used to hosting a big party called ” Mardi Gras” every year, they kinda know how to pass a good time.

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