Dez Bryant recruits Darrelle Revis in tweet

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Dez Bryant tweeted to free agent cornerback Darrelle Revis on Saturday, inviting him to join the Cowboys.

“Dallas?” Bryant wrote to Revis. “I promise you are going to love what we got going on around here..your attitude fits our culture…waiting…..”

The question is whether the Cowboys have interest in Revis. The answer likely is no.

The Cowboys signed Nolan Carroll in free agency and drafted three cornerbacks — Chidobe Awuzie in the second round, Jourdan Lewis in the third and Marquez White in the sixth. They also have Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown, though the Cowboys had Scandrick on the trade block this offseason.

Besides, the Cowboys’ modus operandi has changed in recent seasons, with the team choosing to build through the draft rather than by signing expensive free agents. The Cowboys haven’t ranked in the top half of free-agent spending since 2014.

Cornerback Brandon Carr was the last free agent the Cowboys spent big money on, signing him to a five-year, $50.1 million contract in 2012.

The Cowboys do have almost $17 million in cap space, but they have been clear that their top priority is extending the contract of All-Pro right guard Zack Martin.

Revis, who turns 32 next month, allowed 23 receptions on 37 targets for 307 yards and two touchdowns last season, according to STATS. He made one interception and five pass breakups in 15 games.

20 responses to “Dez Bryant recruits Darrelle Revis in tweet

  1. *Listen Haters;

    I been huge fan of Revis since he got drafted, but never was a fan of he was all about himself. I blame his uncle, which also had Redskin contract holdout. Revis always been a hardworker, and serious player, but it changed after how much money he raked in, having ring from Pats… Right now, Jets gave Revis a wake up call..

    Mr.Revis, the ball is in your court now. Do you really wanna play passionately like you once do? Love for the game? Or ya wanna retire now as millionare, collecting monies mostly from Jets?

  2. Revis played 0 passion last season by the way; he couldn’t been benched because he already been paid. Again, will a new team re-tinkle his passion and love to play football? or not? We’ll see.

  3. @margoadams

    BB and the Pats did try to resign Revis.

    The Jets offered more money and Revis decided to go back and cash out after he got the ring he was looking for with the Pats the season before.

    Everybody knows Belichek is a great coach. No need to lie for him as if he knew Revis Island would sink into the Atlantic the following season and nobody else knew.

  4. At this point Revis won’t command a multi year big contract. Bring him in on a 1 year deal and see if he can find his heart. Half of Revis is better than Nolan Carroll…saw him torched twice a year by the boys when he was in Phil.

  5. I’m sure if Revis is recovered from his injuries he can be an asset to the
    Cowboys at the right price. The Cowboys also might be the right kind of place for Revis. They could contend for the Super Bowl if their
    defense gets better ..actually a lot better. Defense used to exclusively
    win Suowr Bowls a great offensive combined with a top 5-10
    defense wins Super Bowls.
    The Cowboys should be more worried about their o-line. They will miss Leary much more than all realize. They now have 2 positions to fill on that line …for a team that is committed to the run…that’s a

  6. alan226 says:
    Jun 10, 2017 10:33 PM
    Just the Cowboys need, a past their prime former star that can’t play anymore.

    Which one are you talking about? Revis or Bryant or both?

  7. Most think Revis is past his Revis Island prime. Me included. But, he still can play in this league if you cover him up with Safety help. He cant move to safety like some think.
    As him moving from team to team chasing huge money. Who on these message boards wouldnt do that? He is a incredible self promoter. Dallas should sign him. He still is one of the smartest players in the league.

  8. He’s won more playoff games as a jet than any of them. Think about that for a second. Lol

  9. He gets 6 million dollars from the Jets for sitting on the coach relaxing. He’s suppose to risk injury for……? He knows he’s finished. Say what you want about him but he played the owner’s game and came out on top.

  10. mojodoa says:
    Jun 11, 2017 6:31 AM
    He gets 6 million dollars from the Jets for sitting on the coach relaxing
    Hopefully it’s Andy Reid who looks way more comfortable than a Peter Carroll type.

  11. What Revis needs is momentum. Inspiration. Something Dallas has. Dallas is NFC’s top powerhouse. Dallas is ready for a Superbowl run but our secondary looks a bit young. We NEED more veteran presence. I’am all for the move. Anything is better than Brandon Carr anyways. Put him in some safety rotations. Revis can work in Dallas. These things need to happen.

    1.)Lock up Martin to keep our 3 big elite triplets together. Martin, Fredrick and Smith.

    2.)Revis has to take a pay cut and open to play in certain safety packages.

    3.) Make the contract performance friendly

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