Richard Sherman blames “cowards” for Seahawks locker room story

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The recent ESPN The Magazine article that detailed friction inside the Seahawks’ locker room has drawn the ire of Richard Sherman, who was portrayed as a leader of a faction on the team that didn’t see eye-to-eye with quarterback Russell Wilson.

Sherman blasted any anonymous sources who talked to author Seth Wickersham in an interview with USA Today, and even suggested with no evidence that Wickersham could have made up the quotes that painted Sherman in a negative light.

“He asked a few questions to a few cowardly people,” Sherman said. “And I’ll be calling you cowards if you’re afraid to put your name on it. If you have a comment, if you’ve got something to say, you’ve got something to ask or something and you’re not willing to put your name on it, you’re kind of a coward. But maybe they’re not cowards and maybe these people never existed. Because who knows? You don’t even have to exist. You don’t have to prove anything in this world anymore.

“And that’s what I mean when I say there are a lot of TMZ-like media going on because guys like this — nobody is going to ever question him if they come to find out, hey, he could have fabricated this whole story and, I mean, outside of him saying there was an interaction at practice, none of the rest of it was true. But heck, what did he have to lose? I think it’s really unfortunate that’s it’s come to that.”

Despite Sherman’s anger about the way he was portrayed, the substance of Wickersham’s article hasn’t really been questioned. The information in Wickersham’s article was consistent with the Seahawks’ decision to consider trading Sherman this offseason, and coach Pete Carroll didn’t question the article’s veracity, he merely referred to it as “old news.”

It’s understandable that Sherman wishes people who talk about him in the press would put their names on their comments, but that doesn’t mean those sources weren’t telling the truth.

48 responses to “Richard Sherman blames “cowards” for Seahawks locker room story

  1. Wake up and realize no one trusts the media anymore. Americans know that reporters are not committed to the truth. They are committed to pushing their own narrative. It’s only other media members who still claim journalist are honorable and their integrity should not be questioned. Sherman is 100% right that media is rarely held accountable for bs.

  2. I like Sherman… I emphasize with his situation… but with his personality, who would want to put there name on that. It would just start make the players life hell for awhile.

    I used to

  3. I’m not a big fan of Sherman’s, but I back him on some of his points. We are living in an era where you can just make stuff up and it’s get printed as if it were true. I also believe that in any locker room, if you dig deep enough, you can find one source who will give you some information that isn’t true. So Wickersham could have a source, even if that source is lying. That could be why they choose to stay anonymous. This doesn’t give guys like Wickersham a free pass, just because they were able to find somebody who could help them create a story. Often times, when these anonymous sources are tracked down, they say they were misquoted. And half the time they are. I give the nod to Sherman on this one.

  4. Journalist aren’t perfect, but what is? There is a code of ethics for a reason.

    If multiple sources have corroborated a story, then it is most likely true.

  5. Rarely do I agree with Sherman, but if you don’t have the testical fortitude to openly state your opinion than say nothing.

  6. Lord… get help Richard.

    This is what happens when you believe in your own legend… that’s really just barely history.

  7. When you are a self important loud mouthed Richard people don’t need to make stuff up about it there Dick.
    For all the bs about the call on that interception if Sherman and the rest of that D had held up it’s end and not allowed Brady to take them to school in the 4th quarter then Wilson would have been taking a knee at the end of that Super Bowl instead of taking grief ever since. The offense may not have won that game but it was the D that lost it, all the whiny second guessing and finger pointing in the world doesn’t change that.

  8. Sherman is a very smart guy with a first class education from Stanford but sometimes his LA roots overpower his cognitive functions. He needs to learn to take a breath and think before he speaks

  9. Example… Colin Kaepernik goes and does something shicking…. so the media latch onto that “story” and drive it like OJs Bronco to the point where even PT Barnum would blush and now Kaep can’t find a job cause no team want to deal with the circus of reporters he’d bring to town

  10. stillabengalsfan says:

    One of my favorite videos ever, is when Trent Williams hit this fool in the mouth.
    AFTER the Seahawks won a playoff game. What would the Bengals know about that?

  11. Pete isn’t going to look to trade a player based on a news story. Sherm has turned into a cancer….

  12. I will admit that the ‘unnamed sources’ stories have taken over the news. It was once something that was understood in cases where there was a mob informant or some situation where of course a person cant put their name out there, and the info correlated with something that could be verified from known sources. But now in todays world the correlation is no longer deemed neccesary. And being such it means there is no longer a definition for responsible vs irresponsible journalism. Unnames sources reads as ‘unverified’ sources. Where once a reporter was very leery of using info from a person not willing to put their name on it they now consider it they way to go. Im sure there are still reporters that verify what they get from an anonymous source before using it. But their stories are indistinguishable from the ones that just write something for entertainment or for agenda driving and claim there was a source by just callung them unnamed.

    Another trend is reports of reports. You can have three articles saying they have reports of something, when really they are all just referring to each other. In those cases there is no unknown source. There is no source at all even.

  13. I hope Crabtree toasts him for an 80+ yd TD this year, and doesn’t say a word to Sherm, just smiles at him.
    He owes Rich one for that stupid rant.

    As a Cowboys fan I hope Dez burns him good too.

    But the CB I hope gets burned the most this year is Norman. That dude put the target on his own back. Dez & Odell are going to BBQ Josh in 2017. 🙂

  14. osiris33 (bandwagon since 1976) says:
    Jun 10, 2017 9:35 AM
    stillabengalsfan says:

    One of my favorite videos ever, is when Trent Williams hit this fool in the mouth.
    AFTER the Seahawks won a playoff game. What would the Bengals know about that?


    I didn’t say he wasn’t any good. It’s been a while, but Cincy has played in two Superbowls. We also beat Seattle in 2015, by torching your secondary.

  15. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Jun 10, 2017 9:31 AM
    Poor Shermie, always angry about something.
    3rd and goal from the 1 pal, 3rd and goal. 😉

    It was actually 2nd and goal Chippy

  16. Sherman’s view of the world and his place in it is highly skewed from reality.

    He sees himself as one way, and everyone else around him sees him another way.

    The real way him and others acts comes out in a magazine, and he’s flabbergasted to the point he’s nearly calling it fake news, attacking the messenger, and calling them cowards.

    There’s something bubbling under the surface in Seattle about to blow, and it’s not Mt. Rainier.

  17. Richard Sherman is perfectly suited for perpetuating these minor public spats that seem to drive sports interest these days. Indeed, he’s a model of righteous indignation.

    But I personally could do without all these stories about who’s been disrespected, people calling each other out, and which players didn’t see eye-to-eye. If that’s what sports is about, I really should find something else to be doing with my time.

  18. I’m going to enjoy it so much if the Seahawks go on to to have excellent season and win the SB and put this behind them.

    The naysayers can’t stand how realistic that possibility is.

    Go HAWKS

  19. And he wonders why the PATS and others didn’t even hint at trading for him.

    Run your mouth fool. The off-season will come early for you, again.


  20. I’ve lost all respect for Sherman as a person. He used to pride himself by speaking out and speaking the truth. However, he only did that when the truth was convenient to him. When other teammates spoke the truth about problems with the team, Sherman decided that there are some times when the truth should not be told. Call them cowards Richard. Just don’t call them liars. They will all be relieved when you are gone after 2017. If they go out early in the playoffs, it’s goodbye Richard.

  21. “It’s understandable that Sherman wishes people who talk about him in the press would put their names on their comments, but that doesn’t mean those sources weren’t telling the truth.”

    Correct as written, but that doesn’t mean those sources WERE telling the truth either.

    Mr. Smith – this is where you come in. If you want to be thought as being a journalist you should look into this. If you are, as I suspect, just a 2 bit blogger, you’ll ignore this.

  22. SI gave Sherman a platform and instead of talking about the real problems of the world he ranted about Chip Kelly cutting his fellow gang member, Me-Sean. Throwing the race card where it does not belong is cowardice of the highest level.

    He is a man of zero substance just representing his hood.

  23. Right, so people should never say anything anonymously. That way they can be intimidated into silence. Brilliant.

  24. Davefromtheburg
    Sports is sports, media news is media news. Real sports fans watch sports and discuss sports amongst friends and family. They don’t give a rats tail what the media says or what the Internet is saying. You clicked on this story nobody forced you to. Football will always be exciting, stop reading soap opera news if it’s gonna distort your way of thinking.

  25. Of course Sherman has to say this….

    It’s his only card in his deck.

    To Quote The Unusual Suspects….

    “The greatest Trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist…”

  26. When I compete with my close people, I am verbally abusive toward those who make mistakes. And I expect the same when I make mistakes. They’re still my family. Just because this stuff happens doesn’t mean there is something wrong.

  27. Richard Charmin says it is fake news and he blames the leakers for giving the fake news media lies about the harmonious Sea hog locker room.

  28. Hexy-27 – reevaluate yourself ASAP only a tragically ignorant or uninformed person would consider Sherman a gang member. Whether you realize it or not your comment reeks of racist undertones. What makes Sherman act or sound or portray a gang member? Was it his mom working for the school district or his father working for the city garbage truck. Was it his desire to grow dreads and that represent strong African values. Or bc he chose stanford to break inner city stereotypes. Or was it bc he speaks for the most part very intelligently but now bc ppl have been waiting to hate him they take his words and turn them into official press releases or try to purposely redefine what he’s saying.

    Regardless you might not realize it but associating a successful black athlete to gang member is exactly what a racist person would do in an attempt to type cast someone. Growing up in an American ghetto means you’ll have a different set of influences but unfortunately you have forgotten to use your better judgement when making that comment. Your surroundings dictate many times how you interact with others.

    I’m disappointed that people can make such correlations sitting behind a computer and not using the same device to educate themselves to avoid making blatantly derogatory statements when we have FB TWITTER IG Snapchat and YouTube which can paint a full picture. It’s simply sad someone would think they are qualified to make a statement so clearly uninformed and think it’s okay to push some terrible racist type rhetoric. Reevaluate yourself ASAP!

  29. Sherman is right. Remember when Keith Olbermann absolutely demolished Manish Mehta for making out sources?

    Manish Metah is still a beat writer. There was no consequence for it. There are those that will never believe a word he says but I’m not a Jets fan, so there are still every day people reading his material. Anonymous sources aren’t bad per say when it comes to things like governmental leaks (it’s our right to know as the people), but with sports media and so on the credibility is so shot that it can’t be taken at face value at all.

  30. Too many fake news stories. Especially Ian Rapoport NFL “Insider” and ESPN’s Seth Wickersham are the main culprits…shame. No wonder people don’t trust the news-media any more…These are desperate–unscrupulous duo of fake news –shameful…

  31. How does it feel Sherm? Eh? When news of deflated footballs broke, you were all over Tom Brady in the press without any evidence. That had to have hurt when TB used that as incentive to whoop you.

  32. Congress is weighing a bill nowcthat would make it illegal to say “off the record” and variabts like “just between you, me, and the lamp post.”

  33. I can’t believe I am saying this but I think Richard Sherman actually has a good point for once. It seems that real journalism is being replaced by gotcha and tabloid reporting that doesn’t require any proof or substantive corroboration anymore. This seems to be the golden age of the fake news spin cycle. I think Sherman is just saying what everyone(except industry insiders)is thinking about the modern media

  34. In short, he’s still better at life than you…which is why he’s doing things and you’re commenting about things he’s doing.

  35. the first step is to stop using the words ‘reporter’ and ‘media’ when referring to trolls.

    the greatest trick trolls ever pulled was convincing everyone to call them ‘journalists’ because it validates them and their agenda before they ever have to prove even a base level of humanity.

  36. windham9 says:
    Jun 10, 2017 10:03 AM
    I hope Crabtree toasts him for an 80+ yd TD this year, and doesn’t say a word to Sherm, just smiles at him.
    He owes Rich one for that stupid rant.


    Crabtree doesn’t play Sherman this year. The AFCW plays the NFCE. NFCW plays AFCS.

  37. Although my falcons crashed and burned in SB LI, last I saw of sherm Julio was givin’ him fits in nfc playoffs! my, my how the mighty fall and fall hard!

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