Thomas Rawls embraces backfield competition


Thomas Rawls had a chance to become the unquestioned successor to Marshawn Lynch in Seattle, but Rawls has yet to show the durability necessary to be a workhorse tailback. As a result, the Seahawks have added Eddie Lacy to the mix, with the game-day reps to be earned via competition.

Rawls is fine with that. (As if he has a choice.)

“If there was a depth chart with three selective players, I look at it as Thomas Rawls, Thomas Rawls and Thomas Rawls,” Rawls told reporters on Friday. “I’ve always been in competition with myself. I just believe that this program, this whole organization has a mindset of competition. We believe that as long as people compete they will earn whatever they deserve in the end, it’ll work itself out.”

It will be Rawls and Lacy and C.J. Prosise in some form or fashion this year. For Rawls, there’s no question about his ability. The challenge continues to be having the ability to suit up and play every week.

For the Seahawks generally, the challenge will be getting the kind of running game in place that allows the team to restore balance to the offense and get back to its identity. Even the pass catchers want to see that, as receiver Doug Baldwin explained on PFT Live earlier this week.

12 responses to “Thomas Rawls embraces backfield competition

  1. Rawls should order pizza every single day and have it delivered to Lacy’s house.

  2. Of course he embraces the competition mindset of the Seahawks. Without it, some undrafted scrub from Nowheresville would never have earned the starting gig in the first place.

  3. If…..Rawls can stay healthy this season he’ll be a STUD in the 3 headed rotation. C.J. Prosise is super dangerous in his own way also.

  4. The question also remains whether Rawls can be a lead running back.
    Rawls ran well the last year Marshawn played in Seattle.; he was not as prolific last year. The Seahawks were wise to bring in other options as they find out what they’ve got in Rawls

  5. Seahag fan believes every back since Lynch is the man. Heard the same tripe about how bad ass Christine Michael was too.

  6. Hey Seattle,

    how did you enjoy Blue Jays nation invading your city and stadium this weekend?

    I have never seen a visiting team in any professional sport dominate the crowd like this.

    The Mariners even tried jacking up the prices this year so the same thing didn’t happen like last season…!

    you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. LOL…gotta love a troll who can’t even come up with material for the same sport…

  8. @RegisHawk,

    i will have to come back to Seattle Canada next year to see the Jays take over your stadium again.

    by the way, Seahawks will miss the playoffs this year, is that good enough material for ya?

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