Bills’ new coaching staff a challenge for Marcell Dareus

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Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was a first-team All-Pro in 2014 while playing in Jim Schwartz’s defense, and the Bills thought he’d fit well enough in Rex Ryan’s defense that they signed him to a huge contract extension in 2015. The previous regimes in Buffalo loved what Dareus did on the field and were willing to overlook his history of off-field troubles. With the new coaching staff, that won’t necessarily be the case.

New Bills coach Sean McDermott’s defense won’t necessarily be as good a fit for Dareus. And as for position coach Mike Waufle?

It’s been challenging,” Dareus said, via the Buffalo News. “Dealing with an ex-Marine, he don’t play no games, he ain’t cutting no corners with us. But it’s well-deserved; we need it. We’re trying to be the best we can possibly be and he’s a hell of a coach and we’re excited to have him.”

Dareus said McDermott and his staff aren’t taking things easy on the players.

“I mean, the structure, alone, is pretty detailed,” Dareus said. “I don’t want to say he micro-manages, but he makes sure we’re very sharp on what we’re doing. [Coaches] are really on us and they’re paying a lot of attention to a lot of small details, making sure we’re doing the right things. Hey, man, I’m happy for him to be here and just really excited to see what we can do.”

Dareus is heading into the third season of a six-year, $96.6 million contract, and that contract makes him basically impossible to cut. So the Bills and Dareus are married to each other, and Dareus sounds eager to make the marriage work, even if it’s with a very different coach than he thought he’d have.

18 responses to “Bills’ new coaching staff a challenge for Marcell Dareus

  1. I have never seen a defensive lineman with more talent than Dareus. However, he rarely ever shows his true potential. Work habits are awful. Hopefully this new staff can bring it out ofnhim because when he has shown flashes of it, it’s dominating.

  2. he was a horrible fit for rex. rex’s defense asked him to eat up space instead of getting at the qb which is what he does best. mcdermott’s defense is the exact opposite of rex’s. it’s where he does fit in.

  3. I’m not a defensive coordinator, but everything I’ve read, plus his actual statistics for two years, indicates that Ryan’s scheme was horrible for Dareus because it asked him to two-gap and/or drop into coverage most of the time, and he’s best as a one-gap, penetrating lineman.

    Also, many more people than just Rex were willing to look past his legal transgressions.

  4. I think you could also invert that headline and it would still be true:

    Marcell Dareus a Challenge for Bills’ New Coaching Staff

  5. The simple fact that Wrecks Ryan and his fat sister are gone makes the Bills defense better……

  6. Not sure he is ready to be called up to the NE team. Sounds like there are still some things to work on first.

  7. So in other words they want him to work very hard, practice hard, be very detail oriented, pay attention in meetings and learn the playbook thoroughly.

    All for a mere 9.75 million pay for the year plus the 7 mil or so that he was already paid for 2017 as part of his signing bonus.

    And he’s complaining about having to do so.


  8. I’m happy we didn’t touch his contract this year, want to have flexability with him as soon as possible. Hopefully he gets back to being an All Pro over the next two years and he plays the whole 6 but if he doesn’t, I’m happy we didn’t push money further into the back of the contract and can possibly cut ties at year 5 or 6.

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