Eagles offseason has been “a lot more serious”

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At this time last year, Eagles coach Doug Pederson was wrapping up his first offseason program in the job by continuing to install his schemes on both sides of the ball.

Pederson is in his second year now and the need for that kind of focus has dissipated with the increased familiarity on all fronts. Some of the time spent on those installations last year has been reallocated to competitions that take place on the practice field and in the weight room.

Thursday’s practice featured a two-minute drill competition between the offense and defense that saw the defense come out on top. Right tackle Lane Johnson still enjoys the way that Pederson set up this offseason.

“Guys are going balls to the walls,” Johnson said, via Philly.com. “That’s the fun thing about it. … That’s been the beauty of it this offseason compared to other offseasons. It’s been a lot more serious.”

Johnson also said that the team is “in a better place as far as the roster” than they were in Pederson’s first season, which should go hand in hand with the increased seriousness as reasons for higher hopes in Philly this time around.

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  1. They are getting Johnson back and adding some actual NFL wideouts. I don’t love their corners (until Jones is healthy), but this team could be improved if Wentz is ready.

  2. This season is all about Wentz.

    There are some obvious gaps in his game but with actual NFL receivers this year, he should get the benefit of some great catches.

  3. I dont see why the Eagles not having any rings ( they do have 3 championships though) have anything to do with it.
    Lane Johnson is the best RT in the NFL. The birds were 5-1 with him playing last yr. Thats with horrible WRs and their best back was 180 LBs. They improved more then any team in the East. They wont win the bowl this yr. But they are building a team that can in the neat future.

  4. @1phillyphan

    Ignore the guy named Ben that gets all his love alone in the bathroom. He posts the same thing every time the Eagles are mentioned.

  5. @mjtm ya i figured. Most idiots bring up the no ring thing in the NFL East. Cowboys have won what ONE playoff game in the last 20+ years? The Skins not much different. Gotta respect the G Men though. Looking forward i like what the birds are doing. Plus, Lane Johnson is the best RT in the league

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