Mike Pereira calls loosening of end-zone celebration rules “a step back”

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The NFL has loosened its touchdown celebration rules, but not everyone is celebrating. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis now has company in arguing the move is a bad idea.

Fox analyst Mike Pereira, the league’s former head of officiating, calls the move “a step back.”

“I think it’s a sad day,” Pereira said, via Clark Judge of Talk of Fame Network. “I think that this is a step back that we worked — when I was there — so hard to kind of clean up the game and not send bad signals to young kids who were playing the game.

“This is not allowed in college. It’s not allowed in high school. It’s not allowed in Pop Warner. But now we set the tone as supposedly the idols, and kids are going to watch these acts again. And, to me, this is about the team, not the individual. They’re going to play to ESPN to see if they can get on the highlights. To me, it’s just a real step backward.”

Group celebrations, using the ball as a prop, going to the ground and snow angels now are all legal in the end zone following a score. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and Ravens coach John Harbaugh pushed for the easing of the rules, but Lewis, who is on the league’s competition committee, opposed the change saying it is “not a very good example for young people.”

Pereira said officials likely stop throwing flags for touchdown celebrations.

“You’re not going to see many penalties thrown for celebrations. Period,” Pereira said. “Unless it’s the absolute obvious twerking or the shooting of the six-guns.”

58 responses to “Mike Pereira calls loosening of end-zone celebration rules “a step back”

  1. hes so right. waht the nfl has done is a sickening act that wil ldrive our acountry down the tubes! i fo rone wil lrefuse to watch this “sport” if players start to get a way with these dancing acts that belong far away from the tv.

  2. Stop worrying about “young people”. That argument ended as soon as they started allowing Viagra commercials. The only bad thing about the new rules is that there is referee discretion. Other than that, nobody really cares what these players do as long as it’s not in the face of an opponent.

  3. I like Pereira, he comes on 98.5 in Boston frequently, but this is a stupid rule that should never have been. Nothing wrong with a little celebration after a hard earned score, has no bearing on the game.

  4. Won’t anyone think of the children…

    Shut up Pereira, it’s your kind of attitude and outlook on life that causes so many people to switch off from the game – see that, the GAME – people are supposed to have fun.

    You’re no longer relevant, take your stone age opinions to the country club.

  5. I’m not a big fan of the post touchdown celebrations but I can live with them; however, I do have a suggestion for the NFL.

    To keep a handle on these “celebrations” and the occasional taunting flag that is thrown during the course of the touchdown, stop penalizing on the kickoff. It doesn’t make any sense.

    The next play is the point after attempt and the penalty should be enforced then. A few 50 yard extra point attempts will get the attention of the players and the teams quickly.

  6. These guys aren’t children in a compulsory educational setting. But some people would like to always treat them like children, for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons.

  7. The NFL just set a new all time record for revenue. Yes, despite being the “No Fun League” and despite Colin Kaepernick’s protest, the NFL raked in record numbers of cash. I agree 100% with Pereira. Obviously there are enough people around the world who actually enjoy the game of football, they don’t need watch players display their low IQs.

  8. He’s absolutely correct in my opinion. I just hope Belichick doesn’t allow it.

  9. Back in my day we used to wear onions on our belts…

    I think the crux of whether this will work or not is whether the celebration is tasteful and positive.

    Players grabbing their junk or taunting other players should probably be penalties, but dancing, dunking the ball in the goal posts and other nifty entertaining celebrations are just simply fun.

    And it’s about time somebody brought some fun back to this league.

  10. Mike Pereira comes out strong against football having any sense of enjoyment or fun. When will he be back as the new commissioner?

  11. I think the vote banning group celebrations was 30-0, with only the Rams(Bob N Weave) abstaining.

    It is funny how the owners could be unanimously against this fifteen years ago and all in favor of it now.

    What changed?

  12. It’s also not professional entertainment in College (ahem), High School or Pop Warner.

  13. Maybe Pereira and that idiot lame duck coach Lewis should focus their energies on what americas youth could pick up and adapt to the positive off the field influence some of these NFL players provide. Talk more about the Walter Payton Man of the Year recipients and qualifiers.What they can do to join that movement instead of moaning whining over weather someone will use the pylon as a golf club putting the football. (If legal idk) but point being any of the mentioned legal celebrations. Which really are not that bad at all and I’m glad they loosened the reigns some.

  14. somehow it just doesn’t make much sense to put on a juvenile display of histrionics simply for doing your job;

    all it says is ‘look at me’ while ignoring the other ten men who had to do their jobs equally so well or better in order for you to do yours;

    in most any other circumstance that would be called selfish and immature, so why is it considered acceptable here?

    is this what we want to say to young fans and players, that it’s okeh to be so selfish on a national stage, that such selfishness is ‘fun’?

    doubtless it’s just me, but i always admired the way Barry Sanders did it, like he’d actually been in an end zone before…

  15. Sadly, yet another win for the ESPN (otherwise known as the new BET) supporters & the increasing acceptance that acting a fool is more important than sportsmanship…liberalism wins again & the NFL will truly regret this idiotic decision…it’s called a slippery slope for a reason, fools…

  16. I remember when the NFL was full of men that just wanted to play football. Now it’s full of ghetto clowns,’freeloaders and people that could not hold a job down if they didn’t have football talent. Outside of Gronk spiking the ball you won’t see anyone on the Lats doing citations in the end zone. BB don’t have to say anything, they would be on the next bus out. Go ahead, make fun of BB and call him an old man.

    All that old man does is keep reprinting the name on the back of his boat next Spring it will be named 6 Rings.

  17. Marvin Lewis said it sets a bad example for kids?You better take a look at your roster over the years Marvin, could’ve played the con team in “The Longest Yard”.

  18. “no fun league”

    Blah blah blah. Spare me.

    It’s not about fun, it’s about acting like a no class jackass.

  19. I agree 100% in fact if the celebrating is now allowed, the celebrant should be open for a punch in the throat. I would make both acceptable. I’m guessing only really important scores would generate a celebration.

  20. I watch the NFL to watch football,not some guy act like he has never scored a TD,made a tackle or int in his life.

  21. Lots of things aren’t allowed in high school that adults are allowed to do. Children at some point have to learn that too.

  22. Lets see: the customers(fans) would like to see the rules loosened a bit so their favorite players can show joy about scoring a touchdown.

    The customers in the seats are paying very high prices to see the games and the fans at home have to sit through commercials, time outs from the action, and babble before they see the game resume.

    So a little fun in the end zone is a bad thing?

    This isn’t the freakin’ military Mike. Whether you and the fascists at NFL central know it or not, the fans (customers) own the game.


    So shut the h— up.

  23. Not a huge fan of the end zone celebrations but if the criticism is based upon setting good examples for our youth then let’s get our priorities straight. Let’s resolve player behavior with respect to domestic violence, DUI’s, steroid and HGH use, and vulgarity-laced tirades on social media and in the backs of taxi cars, for example. Kind of think these are more important than snow angels in the end zone.

  24. Periria sounds like a real Old Man with these statements.

    When he pops in to comments on a call in your nfl game, it is just so very exciting.

  25. uknowimright1 says:
    Jun 12, 2017 1:15 AM
    Sadly, yet another win for the ESPN (otherwise known as the new BET) supporters & the increasing acceptance that acting a fool is more important than sportsmanship…liberalism wins again & the NFL will truly regret this idiotic decision…it’s called a slippery slope for a reason, fools…

    15 19

    What does politics have to do with this? Funny you call ESPN the “new BET,” especially since they, along with PFT, which you commented here, cover the NFL, which is predominantly African American. If you have problems with African Americans, why do you follow the NFL, with all those African American players?

  26. As for Pereira, he needs to worry more about concussions, domestic violence, and CTE, than players doing snow angels.

  27. I think that the NFL does go too far in limiting some celebrations. I also think that they do a good job of limiting a lot of tasteless actions.

    What really irks me is that some of these players act like they just won the Superbowl for the tenth straight year when all they did was get a first down or tackle someone after a five yard gain. DO YOUR FLIPPEN JOB and walk back to the huddle. Save your participation celebrations for when you do score or provide a takeaway on defense.

  28. All this talk about “fun” in celebrations is nonsense. Isn’t playing the game and the act of scoring a touch down the “fun” the players should be after. The celebration will be all about who can out do the other with preconceived choreographed “look at me” B.S.

  29. Player scores touchdown: Would someone think of the CHILDREN!? They’re so impressionable and they’re going to pick up on the things they see on TV. Celebrations are bad.

    Game goes to commercial: Hey, drink this beer and you’ll have tons of cool, good looking friends! You’ll have a great time if you drink beer!

  30. uknowimright1 says:
    Jun 12, 2017 1:15 AM
    Sadly, yet another win for the ESPN (otherwise known as the new BET) supporters & the increasing acceptance that acting a fool is more important than sportsmanship…liberalism wins again & the NFL will truly regret this idiotic decision…it’s called a slippery slope for a reason, fools…

    What exactly is so liberal about the NFL getting rid of a heavy-handed regulation that turned it’s refs into the PC police, exacting penalties for potentially hurting someone’s feelings?

    Sounds pretty conservative to me.

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