Christian McCaffrey’s not doing “anything fun” while he waits

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Panthers rookie running back Christian McCaffrey has had more time off than he’d prefer, but he hasn’t used it for anything exciting.

McCaffrey told David Newton of that other than going to a Rockies game one night while home in Colorado, his spring vacation has lacked action.

“I figure the guys on my team aren’t doing anything fun, so I’m trying to walk in and stay on their schedule,” McCaffrey said. “I’m trying to put myself as much in a situation as they’re in as possible.”

McCaffrey and his Stanford teammates (along with players from other schools on the quarter system) can’t join their NFL teams until their class finishes exams — even if they’re not enrolled in class — whether they like it or not.

That’s left McCaffrey to watch practice film and talk on the phone often with running backs coach Jim Skipper, as he tries to stay caught up for his arrival for some portion of this week’s minicamp.

“I won’t be behind as far as the plays go in practice,” McCaffrey said. “Getting acclimated and comfortable with the team, I’ll be a little bit behind. But that will come. . . .

“It’s tough being away from a competitive atmosphere for that long, but I still push myself every day in my training and studies.”

And when he rolls in this week, the fun will begin, as the Panthers retool their offense with their first-round pick as a new weapon for quarterback Cam Newton.

10 responses to “Christian McCaffrey’s not doing “anything fun” while he waits

  1. When it comes to creating (and more importantly, applying) rules, a little bit of common sense goes a long way.
    So, it’s no surprise the NFL still employs this ridiculous sham.

  2. He clearly doesn’t follow Cam Newton or Ryan Kalil on Instagram. His teammates are having a blast this offseason.

  3. Bust. He’s going to play scared. Scared of getting hurt. He already bailed on his college teammates. He’s getting a lot of attention for a special teams player.

  4. What???? You’re not going out and asking random women in elevators for a threesome? Or getting into fights at 3 AM?

    What’s wrong with this kid? Its like he actually wants to avoid trouble and make the cut to the final roster.

  5. I just saw a story recently asking Gronkowski what activity he considers the most fun for him. He said working out.

  6. atthemurph says:
    Jun 12, 2017 8:38 AM
    Maybe he should be working to improve on that 5 bench press reps disaster? (Or whatever it was.)


    C’mon man, you exaggerate, it was 10 reps.

    Let that sink in,… a high 1st round pick RB can only bench press 225lbs 10 times. Most RB’s on Varsity teams are stronger than that. And he ran a slower 40 yard dash time than Foursette – who outweighs McCaffrey by 40 lbs.

    He better have some mad quicks because he surely isn’t beating anyone with straight away speed or strength.

  7. Y’all hating on McCaffrey must be really trembling in your boots. That’s all I’m getting from the 5 reps and bust trash talk. I’d be scared of a guy who’s more elusive than Bell, McCoy and Freeman, who’s as intelligent as a QB too and as driven as Kuechly is as a player too.

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