Eddie Lacy passes his latest weigh-in, cashes in

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As embarrassing as this has to be for an adult, Eddie Lacy has been deemed sufficiently un-fat to get paid.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com, the Seahawks running back has passed his latest weigh-in, which required him to be 250 pounds or less.

For the record, none of those gentlemen pictured here are not Lacy, though the Seahawks are hoping to ride him this year.

When he’s been in shape, he can be the kind of bell-cow back they’ve previously enjoyed. And that’s why they wrote his contract with weight incentives.

He made a cool $55,000 for making weight today, and had previously made the same amount for being under 255 in May.

He has five more scheduled sessions with the scale beginning in August, when he needs to be at 245.

24 responses to “Eddie Lacy passes his latest weigh-in, cashes in

  1. I bet he weight 248.

    Cutting weight is easy – staying at weight is not.

    I really liked him in GreenBay but he couldn’t stay healthy because of his weight. I’m going out on limb here and say that none of the current Seahawks will make it though the season with missing time.

    Go Packers win week 1 for the Dom.

  2. I’m sure the last 24 hours for Feast Mode involved a lot of sauna and no water.

    Dropping the first 5-10 lbs is fairly easy for a fat 26 year old… what will be interesting are those last 2-3 weigh ins.

  3. Omg….this means nothing….

    Even at 175 pounds…I could cut my weight 5 pounds any day, without running a single lap, lifting a single weight, or even have to be prepared….

    He was probably 260 when it all started….10 pounds is NOTHING….

    You can easily make weight at 250, and be right back up to 260 in about half a day afterwards

  4. The Seahawks only want him at 245 and playing for his career so I don’t expect his weight to be much of an issue this year. The real question will be of somebody gives him a long-term deal next year. I doubt it, no matter how well he plays in a Seahawk uniform.

  5. Hopefully they did that prize fighter thing where his guys hold a towel in front of him and he pushes down on it while on the scale. To this day modern science doesn’t know how it works, but it does.

  6. None of those gentlemen are not Lacy? So that means they are all Lacy!? Mon Dieu, the man is clearly a master of disguise! With that kind of talent, I could be surrounded by Eddie Lacy’s at any moment of the day without even realizing it!

  7. A better plan would be his weight during the first week of training camp, taken after dinner. If he can weigh 245 for 7 days he is on target

  8. Wow, Lacy has made $110,000 over the last two months just for not being fat. He should donate that money to homeless and hungry people that need food.

  9. I’m proud of you Eddy.
    Way to go.
    Just because your professional career is on the line, that enables you to make millions, plus you have access to team trainers and dieticians, doesn’t mean losing 5 pounds wasn’t a huge accomplishment.


    If your employer would pay you $50K to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, how many of us would not be cashing that check?

  10. Losing weight is the easy part. Keeping it off not so much, just ask those that have been on The Biggest Loser. Come back in about 6 months and see if it’s still off.

  11. They should have made it a continuous weight that he has to maintain in order to receive these incentives. Make him weigh in twice a week every week. As others have pointed out and for anyone who’s wrestled or boxed or is into MMA knows, it’s easy to cut a bunch of weight before a weigh in. The purpose of having these weight clauses in his contract is because they want him healthy so he can perform at his best. Cutting 10-15 pounds for a weigh in isn’t healthy. I’m not saying that’s what Lacy is doing, but if you’re going to put that much money on the line, it shouldn’t hinge on one weigh in where cutting weight is a real possibility.

  12. In Seattle, Eddie can be the bell-cow back. In Green Bay, he was just the cow.

  13. “Wow, Lacy has made $110,000 over the last two months just for not being fat. ”

    Actually, he made that money for being LESS fat. He’s still fat and he’s still going to be on IR by mid-season. Bad ankles, concussions aren’t great for a running back who has trouble avoiding contact.

  14. Anyone who has boxed, wrestled or done anything else based on weight knows it is very easy to temporarily cut weight. Diaretics, laxatives, saunas, wraps and other means are available to make a weigh-in. Then you immediately bulk back up to whatever you weighed prior to the weigh-in. A big guy like Lacy could probably drop 15 pounds overnight. If the team really wants to help him hire a chef and nutritionist to work with him. Look at Tom Brady and how his diet regimen has helped him stay in playing shape. Maybe it will rub off on the rotund running back.

  15. What does it say about a player when he only cares about his weight because of these bonuses? It doesn’t say much about his professionalism as an athlete. No matter how much talent, I wouldn’t want a guy like that on my team.

  16. He said it’s easy to lose weight when your cereal isn’t covered in cheese and butter every breakfast.

  17. Watch some tape of LeVeon Bell. The benefit isn’t a few thousand bucks. The benefit is making linebackers look slow and bringing your game to the next level.

  18. This is awesome! Great job on the weight loss! Seahawks are the best choice for this man. Just like Marshawn Lynch when he came from Buffalo.

    The coaching the Seahawks have will turn him around. He will have an amazing career and will leave all the sour Green Bay fans wishing they had coaching like Seattle. (again lol 🙂

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