Former Bills safety Aaron Williams visiting Texans

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The Bills released safety Aaron Williams after a series of neck injuries, but he’s intent on playing again.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Williams is visiting the Texans.

Williams has also visited the Jaguars (and his former Bills coach Doug Marrone), but left without a deal.

He’s only played 10 games the last two seasons, but there are reports he’s healthy and ready to contribute.

The Texans are thin at safety and it’s reasonable to think a healthy Williams would be an improvement. But after his recent past, teams are going to want to take a close look at him first.

8 responses to “Former Bills safety Aaron Williams visiting Texans

  1. Bills fan hoping and praying for AW to have a healthy successful career with a team that deserves a 100% certified baller. Top 5 safety in this league when healthy​. Get your heads out of your rectum NFL teams and give this guy a workout!

  2. As a Texans fan, despite my protest of pointing out teams should sign Kaep instead (even though they keep getting blocked) this is one case where Kaep should not be signed.

  3. Andy Dalton was and still is the better pick in 2011 NFL draft than AW.

    I do hope to see Aaron is healthy & gets an another shot at this.

  4. AW is awesome if healthy. Last year he was sidelined by a cheap shot from Jarvis Landry , which gave him a second serious neck injury. Key Stat : for his career, the Bills Defense averages giving up 7 less points per game when AW plays. Much Buffalove for Aaron Williams, stay healthy my friend.

  5. I’m rooting for him, mainly to stay health. Great guy, just hope his dr is making sure his life after football won’t leave him disabled.

  6. sneakily good player. never had the stat line to show it, but a really good contributor. He was originally a CB and so covers better than most S when hes asked. Hes also a really strong tackler making him solid against the run. Every once in a while he will mess up an assignment but the good far outweighs the bad. There are long stretches where he looks like a top 5 S, but then stretches where he lags behind

    With that said, hes had 2 major neck injuries. I personally dont want to see him play again. Cut your losses before you do something you regret

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