Jeremy Maclin gets free crab cakes for life

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It may not be the incentive that convinced Jeremy Maclin to sign with the Ravens, but free crab cakes for life are a tasty bonus.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood initially offered Maclin free crab cakes for the length of his contract, according to Jamison Hensley of ESPN. The restaurant, a favorite of Ravens players, later upped the offer to crab cakes for his lifetime, hoping to convince him to sign with Baltimore.

Maclin agreed to a two-year deal Monday.

He accepted the bonus offer soon after, tweeting to Jimmy’s Famous Seafood: “I read what y’all said…I love crab cakes! Lol”

11 responses to “Jeremy Maclin gets free crab cakes for life

  1. That is actually a great offer. And obviously free PR for the restaurant as well. I approve.

  2. What happens when he doesn’t make the team and is cut before the season? At the point the ravens will toss anything but at the wall and hopes it sticks. Harbaugh/Ozzie can’t draft wr talent the save their life. They got lucky by getting Boldin, Mason and Smith over the years. but look at the whiffs. Perriman is terrible, they under use Aikan, is Marlon Brown still with the team? Campanaro is jag. Now Maclin, who was dropped suddenly by a coach who went as far as to tamper, overpay and cost his team a draft pick for this stiff only to cut him After two Seasons? Read the writing on the wall, this guy is done. I would like to thank Harbaugh and Newsome for continuing their list of epic fails in regards to skill position players, it makes the Ravens mediocre enough so my Bengals can continue to pretend they are a good team and Marvin a decent coach until the playoffs start.

  3. Been to Jimmys and their crab cakes ( and crab fries and hush puppies) might be worth signing for. Best seafood on the East coast! He made the right choice and im a huge fan of Maclin. If everybody knew his growing up story ( kinda mirrors the Blind Side story) and the success he has made in spite of it…you would cheer for him too.

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