Lawrence Timmons makes good impression on new teammates

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One of the more overlooked free-agent signings came for the Dolphins, where linebacker Lawrence Timmons made the move to Miami after a decade in Pittsburgh. Timmons has, to date, made a positive impression on his teammates.

“We watch tape every day and you watch him and he is flying around, running to the ball, practicing hard the way you should,” quarterback Matt Moore said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “[T]alk about key additions — I think that’s a great addition. The guy is just a football player and you love it. He doesn’t say much but plays ball.”

Moore got a chance to see what Timmons can do in the Dolphins’ final game of the 2016 season, a playoff loss to the Steelers.

“He got me there a couple times at the end of the game,” Moore said. “He threw me around a little bit; but he’s just a veteran linebacker — all over the place. I remember him communicating well, always talking.”

With so much focus on what the Miami offense can do, the defense needs to improve if the Dolphins hope to close the gap with the Patriots.

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  1. Steeler fans are gonna miss Timmons just as much as the Dolphins fans are gonna love him. Quiet, hard-working, durable, a locker room cornerstone, and you never ever hear bad things about him off the field. Good luck to him!

    Congrats, Miami fans.

  2. Going to miss watching Timmons put the hammer down on the run game
    and especially shooting the gaps on those fire-X blitzes up the middle.
    Miami picked up a great player and quiet leader, who can still get the job done.

    It was a pleasure watching you play for the Steelers. Good luck LT

  3. I wish all fan bases were as classy as the Steelers fans. Miami fans get stuck with the pompous Pats fans and the J-E-T-E Jets Jets Jets Circus fan base.

  4. Wow. All this love from Steeler nation. They usually hate on whoever leaves. This is a good signing for the Phins.

  5. LB was a big weakness for Miami last year. Alonso was a decent addition (though I think he plays too light). But, the other two spots – and when Alonso went out – they were very bad. Poor tackling and slow.

    They made a solid upgrade in Timmons. Winning mentality and work ethic. He won’t be the same player as he was with the Steelers b/c they run a 3-4 and Timmons had a number of run blitzes. It will be interesting to see whether Burke can use Timmons well – in a 4-3 wide-9 set up.

    I think he’d be best suited for the Mike there with Alonso moving outside and mix in McMillan and Misi.

    The other benefit of Timmons is he can take McMillan under his wing and get him ready to be a solid LB for the next few years.

  6. biggs13 says:
    Jun 12, 2017 1:07 PM
    Wow. All this love from Steeler nation. They usually hate on whoever leaves. This is a good signing for the Phins.

    There are not many that ever leave and make an impact anywhere else. LT may be the first one since maybe Joey Porter.

  7. Steelers stupidly gave away their best defensive player. With Little Ben putting up hardly any points per game they need a strong defense more than ever. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Steelers shot themselves in the head.

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