Lawyer suggests lawsuit could be filed over Raiders move

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As the Raiders prepare to move to the land of gambling, their current home could be placing a different sort of bet.

Via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, lawyer Jim Quinn suggested possible litigation during a rally in Oakland aimed at keeping pro football in town.

“We will look at all legal options,” Quinn said. “There may be some legal claims that can be asserted.”

One possibility would be to try to retain the team’s name, colors, and records, like Cleveland did when the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996. It seems unlikely that owner Mark Davis would make that kind of concession without a fight.

It’s also unlikely that the NFL would commit to giving an expansion franchise to Oakland at a time when no one is suggesting that it would make sense to grow the NFL beyond its current collection of 32 franchises, which has been in place since the Texans joined the league in 2002.

32 responses to “Lawyer suggests lawsuit could be filed over Raiders move

  1. Of course a lawsuit could be filed. And, for a small fee, including contingency, I’m sure Jim Quinn would be glad to file it.

    I also think he’ll be glad to figure out a way that he comes out ahead even when he loses the lawsuit.

  2. Oakland had their chance to keep the team but instead they made them play on a baseball field with raw sewage running through the locker room. I’m sure the players can’t wait to leave.

  3. Isn’t there precedent of the Raiders moving twice and both times being able to retain the brand? Once when they moved to L.A and then again when they returned to Oakland?

  4. Oakland will never have another NFL team. The city has had zillions of chances….now they will be left with just the A’s.

  5. You know what the biggest problem is in this great country…..LAWYERS. Let it go, the team is moving. It really sucks for the Oakland fans but just let it go!!!!

  6. The best case scenario would be for the city of Oakland to retain the Raiders’ name and colors.

    They could keep them in a museum, because they’ll certainly never be used by a pro football team in Oakland.

  7. Lifetime RAIDER fan that dislikes City of Oakland

    Also report comment button is too sensitive, again instead of thumbs up it logged reported comment

  8. I think everyone in Las Vegas should put a bowl on their head, get a haircut and dress like Al if they want the Raider name

  9. It would actually make a lot of sense if you think about it, and I believe that it might be the leagues plan all along to get it into London.

    Expand to Oakland (Santa Clara) as the Raiders
    Expand to San Diego
    Expand to St. Louis
    Expand to San Antonio

    This alone could force the league back into a 6 division format (6 teams per division)

    or they could expand out to 40, giving each city listed above a team, then giving 4 teams to Europe (2 in London, maybe one in Germany and one in France?)

    With a 40 team league, the AFC/NFC could keep the 4 team divisions only each conference would now have 5 divisions. The 4 teams in the Europe division would play most of their games in Europe, which would cut down on travel for everyone.

    The added teams (jobs) would give the NFLPA reason to move to an 18 game schedule.

    Sounds like something Goodell would do, doesn’t it? 😉

  10. Any “Raider fan” that wants the city to retain the name and colors is essentially rooting to kill the team they claim to love. Oakland will never, NEVER be awarded another NFL franchise so there will be no new Raiders. The team will no longer exist. It blows my mind that a city can even bring a lawsuit against a private business demanding rights to their name and colors anyhow.

  11. The team name, colors, records, etc. ARE part of the Raiders. If you want those, you should either pony up the coin to purchase the team or lure the team into staying.

    Even if the Raiders choose to re-brand themselves, there should be no obligation to transfer ownership of the brand they created.

    And as far as comparing them to the Browns… seriously. Do the Browns even want to be saddled with the Browns? The Ravens were better off leaving that baggage behind them.

  12. No qb is worth as much as they make. I’d rather pay card 25 million then say Eli Manning 21 million or flacco 22 million who are solid vets but not nearly worth what they are paid.

  13. While lawyers are a big problem, a bigger problem is the assumption that you have a right to something just because you want it.

    The Raiders told anyone who would listen what they wanted to stay. The city tried to call their bluff, the problem is that they weren’t bluffing.

    The fans can be mad all they want, however they and their city lost the team. It is great to say the rich owners should pay for the stadium and all that, however you should remember you said that when they bolt for a city that pays for it. You can’t have your cake and eat it to.

  14. Oakland doesn’t want the Raiders, but they don’t want anyone else to have them either. The cheesey lawsuit would have a better chance of they had never moved in the past and always been in Oakland. Now, it’s just pathetic.

  15. Really feel like the Raiders belong in Oakland. However, they want/need a new stadium. The Raiders/NFL should build that stadium; but it just hasn’t worked like that…

  16. Raiders lose 3 time NBA Champs and 3 time (soon to be 4 time) NFL Champs. Sorry chumps. I’d rather the Raiders in Oakland than Vegas, but Vegas isn’t all that bad.

  17. Sucks for all 50 Oakland fans. Like was said before, they had millions of chances. Raiders are a vagabond franchise just like the As, it doesn’t matter where they play as long as the rivals and brand stay the same.

  18. Any judge in the country would stick with the precedent, and the status quo of the team already having moved and retained name/colors. And being as the Raiders leased space from the city, the city never gave the Raiders money, so they have zero stake in the team itself.

    That’s the only way they would get the name/colors. And that aint happening. The Raiders belong to the Raiders alone.

  19. Mark Davis would fight it all the way if the city of Oakland tried to retain the team name, colors & records. It is a very different situation compared to Cleveland. The Davis family has a long and proud tradition with the Raiders name. When the Browns left Cleveland, Modell was happier than heck to be rid of the Browns name. The Browns name had become synonymous with being a dumpster fire. Modell wanted to change the name & history.

  20. electricboogalo says:
    Jun 13, 2017 8:49 AM

    Oakland is a basketball town now.

    Not for long. Warriors are set to move across the bay in SF in 2019. Oakland will have its Championships with the Raiders and the Warriors, but when the Raiders and Warriors leave the only pro team in Oakland will be the A’s.

    Oakland will never retain the Raiders name or its records. Art Modell gave up the Browns name because he knew the team’s history with the city. The Raiders have a history with Oakland, but when the team moved twice it kept the name both times. The history of the Raiders is the story of Al Davis. I don’t see Mark Davis giving up the team’s name as it would destroy his father’s legacy.

  21. The city has no legal claim to the Raiders name unlike in Cleveland. Apples and oranges situation between the two franchises so this is just kicking and screaming on the way out of Oakland. Off-season fodder.

  22. Oh look, more false hope given to the community of Oakland. Keep it up, after all is said n done the anger will be shifted to the CITY where it belongs….because just like this lawyer, they’re all talk, no action. And the Oakland residents are starting to see right through all this BS.

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