Report: Maclin’s decision came down to Ravens, Eagles

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Two teams ultimately were in the running for veteran receiver Jeremy Maclin. The Bills reportedly weren’t one of them.

Josina Anderson of reports that Maclin’s decision came down to the Ravens and the Eagles. Yes, the Eagles.

The team that selected Maclin in the first round of the 2009 draft. The team that supposedly wasn’t interested in adding Maclin “at this time.”

Time quickly changed. Or maybe the Eagles opted for the same kind of discretion that they applied when, for example, recruiting cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in 2011.

It’s unclear why the Bills didn’t become finalists for Maclin. Regardless, the public recruitment of Maclin by key Bills players like running back LeSean McCoy and quarterback Tyrod Taylor creates the impression that the Bills “lost” the chase for Maclin, and it invites speculation as to whether McCoy, Taylor, or other Bills will resent the team’s decision not to do whatever it had to do to get him — especially if Maclin performs at a high level in Baltimore.

14 responses to “Report: Maclin’s decision came down to Ravens, Eagles

  1. I don’t want him back in Philly. Too injury-prone and wanted too much money. But good luck in Baltimore.

  2. It made zero sense to have him in Philly in 2017. He’s getting older and is injury prone. I am glad he isn’t an Eagle anymore. Best of luck in Baltimore.

  3. I think some players are smart and go to good teams where they have a chance at winning. WHY? Sign a BIG with a bad team and in a year or two, you will be jettisoned to save some cap space for rebuilding. Especially if your performance isn’t really high because of an inept offense/QB.

    Smart move in my book.

  4. Unless it was an obscene amount of money, I wouldn’t want to play in Buffalo either, between the lake effect snow and the losing culture of their team.

  5. So, even if Baltimore hadn’t signed Maclin, Buffalo still wouldn’t have gotten him ? Ouch.

  6. The Bills didn’t need another injured WR who can’t stay on the field. We’re 2 – 1st round picks deep now and not picking up Sammy’s option next year so why pay too much for another ??

    The Bills won’t and said see ya’ !!

  7. buffalo was never an option because the bills throw the ball the least of all the teams. i wouldnt go there either if i was trying to squeeze one more contract out of my nfl career.

    can we please see if tyrod is any good and have him throw the ball 30+ times a game? Id love to watch my team actually throw the ball in a passing league.

  8. Performs at a high level in Baltimore? Not with Jump Ball Joe chucking passes 8 yards over his head.

  9. Buffalo already has overhyped ” my foot hurts” Sammy Watkins. They were smart for not taking his option. May have a good season but will surely have surgery again in the off season. Not a busy, just can’t play the game anymore and where he comes from he has already made a life’s fortune.

  10. i love mac.. but i didnt want him back here.. we got alshon and alot of young talent with a great wr coach. Im happy with what we got right now. Best of luck Mac.. def gunna need it with those jump balls

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