Team security guard mistakens Ryan Switzer for Cowboys’ new kicker

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The Cowboys are excited about fourth-round pick Ryan Switzer, expecting to use him all over the field this season. But that doesn’t mean everybody at The Star knows who he is yet.

Switzer tweeted he was working out at the team facility Sunday when a security guard misidentified the 5-foot-8, 181-pound receiver.

“Was feeling pretty good about my Sunday evening workout until the security guard at the facility thought I was the new kicker,” Switzer posted.

Maybe Switzer should have just pulled down his lower lip. He has “Believe” tattooed on the inside of his bottom lip.

“I’ve got a tattoo on my lip,” Switzer said recently. “There are worse things in the world. Trust me. There are guys who have tattoos on their face and their neck. I think that’s a bit more fearless than the lip.”

Switzer caught 244 passes for 2,907 yards and 19 touchdowns in four seasons at North Carolina and twice made All-American as a returner.
The Cowboys have not had a punt returned for a touchdown since 2013 when Dwayne Harris returned one 86 yards against the Redskins. They was 111 punt returns ago.