Vince Young tears hamstring, out 4-6 weeks

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Vince Young’s football comeback already has hit a roadblock.

Saskatchewan Roughriders coach Chris Jones said Monday that Young tore his hamstring and will miss 4-6 weeks. Young was hurt in practice June 6.

Young, 34, has not played in a game since 2011 with the Eagles. He was attempting a comeback in the CFL.

Young’s chances of winning the job from Kevin Glenn and Marquise Williams now face even longer odds. The bigger question is: Will the Roughriders move on without him?

The Roughriders put Young on their negotiation list Feb. 2 and signed him without any up-front money on a two-year deal, so Saskatchewan easily could part ways with Young if they choose to do so.

Young played six NFL seasons, going 31-19 while passing for 8,964 yards with 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions.

12 responses to “Vince Young tears hamstring, out 4-6 weeks

  1. Being 34 sucks. He’s going to be sitting there in three weeks wondering why his hamstring isn’t already healed like the good ol’ days.

  2. I’m a Longhorn and love what VY did for us. Mad respect for what he did in college, however after after school not so much. Sure, he was put in a bad situation with the owner forcing him on a coaching staff that didn’t want him there. However he didn’t handle that well at all and I think he started believing all of the hype that he was hearing in Austin. “Just being Vince” wasn’t good enough at the NFL level. You have to be coachable and work hard.

    Now with this “comeback”, why in the world did he wait until he’s 34?? He should have went to Canada several years ago. Who knows, maybe he could have proven something up there and got another shot at the NFL. Now it’s way too late.

    I thought he just liked his cushy job at UT and the Longhorn Network, however I assume with this, that isn’t working out too well for him.

  3. I only follow the CFL when former NFL players go there, but I’ve noticed teams in the past carrying 3-4 QBs and giving them all playing time at some point in the season. I think they were looking at Young as a #3 QB, who could possibly be brought along to play later. I don’t know whether he would be OK with that or whether they would still carry him that low on the depth chart going forward. But it seems like his best bet for making the team is to heal up and learn the offense/league as a backup. Then he might find himself with an opportunity like Troy Smith did a couple years ago and try to do a better job taking advantage.

  4. Young, Manziel, Tebow, and Kaep.

    Interesting that only the oldest of the 4 attempted the CFL. Quick recap on the remaining 3:

    One gave up.
    One lit up, but hasn’t grown up.
    One promises to stand up.

    Here’s hoping that Young can heal up, suit up, and put up.

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